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Anna Semevonich Nude – Getting to Know the Ice Skating Dancer

There are a lot of people who have noticed Anna Semevonich when she started competing in the ice skating arena. This blonde bombshell manages to make a lot of men swoon over her whenever she starts dancing on ice. Even then, men probably wanted to see Anna Semevonich nude but it would be a long time before she would allow other people to see her dangerous curves.

Who is Anna Semevonich

For men who are not into ice skating and ice dancing, her name may not ring a bell but a lot of men who sees her normally want to get to know more facts about her. Anna was born on March 1, 1980.

Her skating career started out in 1993 when she skated with her partner, Denis Samokhin. They competed professionally and even though they did not win, they were able to get 8th place in 1993 then 7th place a year after. She also partnered with Maxim Kachanov for the 1994 Goodwill games. This is where they were placed 5th.

It was when she teamed up with Vladimir Fedorov when she started to become noticed by people other than her good looks. She and Fedorov won the Finlandia Trophy in 1997 and 1998. She then partnered with her past partners throughout her career but her career ended when she sustained an injury. The last year that she competed was in 2001.

She Cannot be Stopped

Some people who are forced to retire due to injury normally become sad and depressed for a while because they have dedicated their whole lives to doing something that they are passionate about. Anna is passionate about ice skating and dancing but she has other passions that she wanted to pursue. After she retired from the world of ice skating, she decided to begin working not only as a model but also as a singer and actress.

From 2003 – 2007, she was part of Blestyashchie. She decided to have a solo career in 2008. She won at the MTV Russia Music Awards that same year too. It is evident that she loves to excel in the things that she is passionate about. It seems that aside from men wanting to see Anna Semevonich nude, the rest of the world is aware that she has a lot of things to offer.

Aside from her career, she is doing her best to set up a trust fund that is meant to be used by the elderly. At the same time, she is also into organizing various programs that will help the elderly people enjoy life during their retirement years. She is in charge of financing the programs but she encourages other people to help out. One of her plans is to donate a bus as this will make it easier for seniors to travel from one place to another, especially if it is required by the programs.

Posing for Playboy

A lot of men were extremely happy when Anna Semevonich nude pictures appeared on the cover of Playboy Russia. In the cover, she was covering all of the vital body parts but it is not hard to imagine anymore how the rest of her would look like. Her long blond hair is wavy and soft enough to touch and of course, her rocking curves are evident. What make her even more appealing are her huge breasts. It will be a shame if you do not have a copy of this magazine.

Her Personal Life

You have already learned a lot of things about Anna Semevonich. You have learned details about her career, her charity, and her good works and you have also learned that seeing Anna Semevonich nude is possible but it is hard to gain information about her personal life.

Anna should have been used to the limelight by now because she was always noticed ever since she started competing for her many contests and of course, her singing career but it seems that her personal life is kept under lock and key.

She has a lot of fans from different parts of the globe who absolutely have no idea if she has a boyfriend, if she’s married, or even if her kids are doing fine. Some people just know that she has kids from a past husband but that’s it. She sometimes goes to events with a male partner but people have no way of knowing if she is simply dating or if she has a serious relationship right now.

Her mysterious side makes her even more alluring to the eyes of her many fans.

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