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5 Awesome Cigars Under $20

Just like polo, fox hunting, or any other aristocratic leisure activity, cigar smoking comes with its own set of rules and etiquette. Everything from the way in which you hold your cigar, smell it, and yes, even smoke it, will separate you from the herd in an instant, even if the it’s a cigar under $20.

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Brushing up on your terminology and really understanding all there is to know about cigars can take quite some time, but getting familiar with the basics and diving into the world of cigar smoking can be a quick process that helps you truly figure out what it is you like and dislike.

Made up of the core where the flavor and taste is stored, a cigar also has a binder which is where the coarse flakes of tobacco help bring everything together. The outer layer is the softer, smoother part of the cigar that allows the lips to truly establish the flavor and feel when a cigar is being smoked.

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Even if you don’t fancy yourself a cigar aficionado, you probably know that the revered habit can be pretty costly; choosing the one that’s right for you and right for your budget can be a tricky choice to make. If you’re not sure where to start, or if you’re just looking for quality that won’t break the bank, why not take a look at these cigars that won’t set you back more than $20 each, and in some cases per box. And it’s National Cigar Day, so check these out awesome cigars under $20.

Best Cigars under $20: Padrón Serie 1926 90th Anniversary, $19

This Nicaraguan cigar comes in at the very top end of our price range, but it represents quite a value for the quality. Full of earthy note, you’ll taste and small creamy coffee, cocoa, cedar, black pepper when you light one.

Named for cigar legend Jose Orlando Padró, these cigars are some of the best from one of the most respected producers in the world.

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Best Cigars under $20: Oliva Serie ‘V’ Double Toro, $10

If you love rich and strong cigars, the ‘V’ Double Toro from Oliva is a great choice. Notes of leather, pepper and disturbed earth are heavily present, evoking a feeling of robustness and sophistication.

Best Cigars under $20: Sancho Panza Triple Anejo Robusto, $8

This medium full-bodied Honduran made cigar is one of the very best in terms of flavor, feel and value. Made form a mix of premium tobaccos gathered from places such as Brazil and Ecuador, it has a spicy peppery taste when smoked. Blended with hints of coffee and leather, this is a harsher cigar to smoke, but one that leaves the pallet with a lot to savor.

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Best Cigars under $20: CAO Mx2 Dagger Corona, $8

Unique in that it has multiple flavorful wrappers, which allow you to take on a different taste with each draw. The outside leaf is a more rich and dark Connecticut Maduro, while the one that it encases is a fuller flavored Brazilian Maduro. The double wrapping allows for a flavorful and smooth experience, while leaving the taste buds with peppery spices afterwards.

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