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How to Find the Best Deodorant for Men

Finding the best deodorant for men can be tiring. Perspiration is downright problematic if you do not handle the issue properly. This is where the question of how to find the best deodorant for men comes into the picture.

Before anything, it is important that one understands the purpose of deodorants and how they work. For this, it is best that one understands the nature of sweating first. Sweating is just nature’s way of keeping us cool. The body is designed to work at an optimum temperature outside of which its various internal processes begin to go haywire.

If and when the temperature of the human body goes out of balance which in this case is the higher end of the temperature spectrum, the body starts to perspire or sweat in an effort to get rid of the excess temperature in the body.

The heat is carried from the body with the help of water which in this case is combined with other substances like sweat, oils, etc. when it leaves the body. After a bout of sweating, the body returns to a normal and stable temperature level that it was designed for.

This however, is just the beginning for the stink. After the sweat leaves the body, it collects on the surface of the skin where it becomes food for bacteria and other microbes which also happen to feast on other things on your body like dirt and dead skin. When this happens, the microbes begin to emit waste products which begin to stink up the joint and give the sweaty smell that you are very much familiar with.

So for those who are wondering about how to find the best deodorant for men, the below guide should give you a better understanding about how it is supposed to work:

1.) Use alcohol based products sparingly

Alcohol is an excellent way to get rid of the germs. Because of its effectiveness at killing germs, it is frequently added to deodorants. It is for this reason that alcohol in the form of what is called as ‘surgical spirit’ is used in clinics and operation theaters.

In the case of deodorants however, what is not taken into consideration is the fact that the body needs some amount of microbes on it, called ‘skin-flora’, in order to maintain good health.

These alcohol based products that are used to ‘deodorize’ the skin often end up killing all of the microbes indiscriminately, leading to skin infections down the road. At the same time, excessive use of alcohol-based deodorants can also lead to skin darkening.

2.) Use herbal products if you can

Nature is an excellent treasure-trove of natural ingredients that can cure almost anything.  In fact, nature has been used for that exact same purpose for a very long time.

The same applies to deodorants as well. If you can find a non-alcohol deodorant that has plant-based ingredients, it’s always a great choice.

3.) Find something that is economical

This is a given no matter what you are purchasing. But it is especially important here because you will be using deodorants almost every single day. It is therefore a dumb idea to buy something that is expensive for uses such as this one.

Unless you can afford to spend money on it without making a mess of your finances, don’t go for expensive products even if in case it happens to promise you the world.

4.) Select products that are eco-friendly

This might seem like something out of a hippy pamphlet but it’s something that you should pay attention to. Aerosols may contain CFCs, although they are fairly rare these days, which are known to have a devastating and serious consequence on the earth’s ozone layer.

Likewise, there are other similar issues such as the testing of the deodorants being tested on animals to know their effectiveness. In addition to smelling good, make sure that you are not doing it at the cost of someone or something else.

5.) Don’t go by the brand name

There are a lot of people who are very much fans of brand names even when they don’t necessarily work nor have the effect that is needed. Brand names are good but at the same time, the product itself is better.

What you need to be looking for is not the brand but rather the product. Sure it is necessary that you should buy a brand that is trustworthy. The point that is being made here however is that the focus that you have here should be more towards product effectiveness and less towards the company making it.

As a whole, the above few tips should help you to figure out how to find the best deodorant for men. They are not exhaustive by any chance but at the same time, they do give you some interesting ways to deal with the issue.

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