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Carol Roth – Some Facts about This Brunette

When you hear the name Carol Roth, you will think about this self-sufficient power woman. She seems to be a wonder woman in her own right because of the different things that she has accomplished so far. Carol is not only an American radio host, she is also known as an author. It is common to see her on television as she is also a television personality. This is what most people know her for. She appears in various shows. Not everyone knows that she is also an investor.

Before Her Career and Fame

Like all people, she had to start from somewhere. Carol was born in Chicago, Illinois. She was in high school when her parents divorced and she suffered a blow when her mother died from leukemia. She had a stepmother who also died from cancer but this time, it was lung cancer in the early 2000s. She has used all of the hardships that came her way in order to make smart choices about her life. She graduated from Wharton School in Pennsylvania with honors. She was Magna Cum Laude. It is already evident that Carol is not only strikingly pretty; she is also very smart and wise.

Her Career

A lot of people associate Carol Roth with business and investments. This is because she has made some writings regarding small businesses. She is well-known to give sound advice to entrepreneurs with small businesses who are still starting out. It was in 1995 when she first became a financial analyst at Investment Bank Montgomery Securities. While she started out as one of the team members of the finance team, she has shown that she is fit to reach more and do more for the company. By the time she reached the age of 25, she has been promoted to officer.

Her passion about small businesses and investments did not stop there. She is also very passionate about writing. She knows that through the things that she writes, she can reach more people. Her first book was titled “The Entrepreneur Equation.” It was a hit. If you would look for the book now, it is likely that you will still find it and there are still some details that you will learn from it that you can incorporate into starting your very own business. While a lot of people were happy with the book’s content, some people complained about the cover which showed her, the author. Some would expect that it will only have words like other business books. Carol wanted to keep the cover that way because it is her book after all. Eventually, people learned to focus more on the content of the book which is definitely more important.

It was in the year 2010 when she started appearing on television. The fact that the camera loves her made it easier for her to break through the television scene. She was featured as a guest on many television shows and of course, people were interested in her opinions and the things she believes in. After some time, she started appearing regularly on some television shows. This time, people did not complain about seeing her often on television. It seems that she is destined to appear in various media platforms because aside from her television stints, she has also become a guest on radio. She talked about business and entrepreneurship – two topics that she is particularly good at.

She has continued writing some columns and articles that will allow people to check out the latest details about business and entrepreneurship. It is evident that even with the number of years that Carol Roth has focused on business, there is no sign that she is going to stop soon. She will still continue to the best of her abilities in order to make both men and women more aware of the various things that they need to do in order to put up a successful business.

There are different things that you will learn from Carol for sure. She is happily married now to her former partner who is now an investment banker. Even though they do not have any children, they are happy. They are also very passionate about sports which are a bit unexpected especially since people think that Carol is too focused on everything related to business. She has other passions too like toy collecting that may seem unexpected but is true.

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