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Chassis Premium Powder Review

I joke often that if men were intelligently designed it was a really poor design choice to have hanging body parts between our legs. Let’s face it, as much as we love our man parts, they aren’t the most conveniently placed. More specifically, because of the extra equipment below the belt, a lot of guys suffer from various nuisances and problems with the area. There’s chafing, sweat, moisture and even odor that accompany that male anatomy everywhere it goes. It all stems from the body heat that’s released from out undercarriages, and the area is often the hottest and sweatiest place on our body. To some degree or another, every guy has to deal with these issues, so a company finally made a product that’s intended to combat these very problems. It’s called Chassis, the only product line for men’s undercarriages. Yup, it’s an entire product line designed for down there.

Full disclosure, I’m about to review a product that was given to Men’s Trait for free to test out. We have not and will not receive any money for this review, so we have no obligation to endorse or promote it. That said, I’m very, very impressed.

What Is Chassis? It’s Man Care for Down There.

There is a brand new product line called Chassis, offering guys three products designed specifically to eliminate excess moistures, chafing and crotch odor in men, while also keeping them cool and reducing irritation in the area. They offer a Shower Primer, which is kind of like a supercharged shower gel, an Extreme Cream and Premium Powder, which is what I was fortunate enough to test out.

Since I only got to test the Premium Powder, I’m not going to delve too much into the other two products, except to mention that they’re all free of talc, aluminum, parabens, and menthol. The lack of talc in the Premium Powder is really impressive. Talc is a known carcinogen, with studies suggesting that it can cause cancer in various parts of the body. No talc = no problem. The lack of aluminum is also a wicked smart choice for the product line, as it’s the aluminum in deodorants and antiperspirants that cause pit stains and other discoloration of clothing.

Chassis Premium Powder

chassis premium powder

The Chassis Premium Powder is a very light powder designed to be used on all the body parts your underwear covers. It promises to provide all-day protection against sweat, chafing, and odor, and I’m happy to say that it does just that. It also softens the skin and keeps the area feeling incredibly cool.

To test it out I showered and dried myself completely, as recommended, and applied a small amount of the powder nearly everywhere down there. Seriously, I just applied it everywhere that normally gets hot and sweaty (even between the cheeks). To apply, I just dumped some in my hands and sort of patted it on the skin. The scent was fairly light and not at all perfumy, which is a big bonus for guys with allergies or sensitivities to smells. I’d call the scent masculine-light. It wasn’t like a bottle of Axe Body Spray or the new Old Spice scents. It was just good smelling without being overbearing.

Initially all I wanted to do was sit there and touch myself all day after applying the powder—everything felt very soft and comfortable. Instead, I opted for a strenuous cardio workout. As a guy who sweats a lot, I figured a real good test for the Premium Powder would be to work up a good sweat and see what the product can do.

Surprisingly, despite my overactive sweat glands, I managed to stay very dry in the areas where I applied the Premium Powder, and it also seemed like my entire undercarriage was cooler feeling than normal. I’m not going to say I was 100% dry, but I have to attribute some of that to the fact that I left much of my inner thighs unprotected. I also expected the Premium Powder to wear off after a workout. It didn’t, and I still felt really good down there half an hour later, while the rest of my body was a sweaty, muggy and stinky mess still.

I showered again and reapplied the powder. Throughout the day I noticed less heat and sticking of my man parts to my thighs. I remained dry and comfortable all day. Having not reapplied through the day, I went to bed to see how well the Premium Powder would perform overnight as well. When I woke up the next morning everything was still soft, cool and completely sweat free. I think I could have easily gotten through another workout before having to reapply, so the stuff seems to work really well.


  • Clean, unintrusive scent
  • Once applied it doesn’t feel like you’ve done anything to your man parts because of how light it is
  • Very effective at eliminating moisture and irritation in the area
  • It makes your skin incredibly soft and smooth (your wives and girlfriends probably won’t want to keep their hands off, so that’s a plus)
  • The Premium Powder will really shine during the summer heat, and I can’t wait to try it again then

Things I’d love to see:

  • I wish there were a way to apply Chassis Premium Powder without dumping it into my hands first
  • There is only one scent available right now, and while it is good smelling, an unscented option would be awesome

Bottom line:

I have already ordered the Extreme Cream, if that gives you any indication of how I feel about Chassis Premium Powder.

Where to buy:

You can buy the full line of Chassis products on their website ( and on Amazon.

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