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Estream – What is it and How Can It Make Traveling Easier For You?

For some people, the adventure they get from traveling is one of their motivations to keep on working in life. For others, it is absolutely essential to update social media profiles to inform the world of their activities and provide an almost real-time display of life on their friends’ smart phones. The dilemma starts when the sets of these two categories are unionized, because nature does not provide power sockets for you to charge the batteries of your electronic devices. This was the problem identified by the creators of Estream, and they have found a way to address it in the most innovative of ways!

Estream is a portable power generator that can fit in your travel bag and provide you with energy wherever you are as long as there is a natural source of running water nearby. As magical as it sounds, it is just a very creative use of known science. The generator is roughly the size of a bottle of cola, and all you need to do is unfold the turbines, hook the built-in battery with a power cable and hold it steady under the water. The moving turbine will generate energy which will be stored in the battery, and can be used to charge low-powered electronic devices. Once you own this innovative power generator, you will never want to go camping or hiking without it!

By now the benefits of owning one of these masterpieces may be apparent to some of you. But we shall fully elaborate the advantages of making your personal power generator your travel buddy.

Keeps You in Touch Anywhere

If you are an avid traveler and use traveling as your main source of entertainment, then you might have been a victim of your phone running out of battery the moment your party actually starts. This may not be much of an issue for trips that last a day or a little more than that. But when you are out camping for a week with your friends, then your present battery and power banks are bound to run out of steam.

It is under these circumstances that a portable generator will come very handy. This is  because it will not allow your phone to run out of battery. Another problem associated with traveling to the outskirts of towns is getting farther from the stations of internet providers and hence you may struggle to get proper signals. If you need to charge a device with which you can connect your portable router, look no further than Estream. It is a prime example of how bare necessities are indeed Mother Nature’s recipes.

Fast Charging

You might be expecting that such a convenient source of power is bound to have some drawbacks, such as charging at a lower speed than regular sockets do. However, this generator proves all your fears and worries wrong because testing has proved that the battery actually charges devices at twice the pace and ensures that there is no compromise in the performance of the device.

The only drawback with respect to timing is that the battery, on average, takes roughly four and a half hours to fully charge. But that again is compensated for by the fact that one full tank of power can be used to charge around three smart phones. So for a group of friends out on a journey to enjoy nature, this invention can make the trip a lot more enjoyable.


You do not need to purchase a different water power generator for every gadget you carry because one size fits all! The charger is enabled with enough ports to accommodate android and iOS chargers. In addition, more than one device can be charged at once with no significant impact on the pace of charging.

In addition, if you are not convinced by just its ability to charge, here’s more! Your power generator can also be used as a lantern on the surface and under water without the need off any external power source. And those of us who travel frequently are aware of how important emergency light sources are out in the open – so that is yet another important need addressed.


Estream is your buddy, and as soon as you become a regular user of this incredible service,  you will realize how much your life was actually missing out on. Become a part of this journey for clean energy and support such projects for an enjoyable and sustainable future.

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