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5 things to do instead of cry over a player

fuck boy
So you got mixed up with a fuck boy, huh? It happens. After all, they always seem so sweet and charming at first. But then you sleep together and they vanish like a cartoon roadrunner.
Urban Dictionary describes a fuck boy as a specific type of millennial douchebag, probably the same kind who ghosted on you out of nowhere.
As Lauryn Hill famously said, some guys are only about “that thing.”
And maybe you still have some feelings for him. It’s understandable. You can totally still have feelings; there’s nothing wrong with it. Even if the emotions were fake for him, they could have been very real for you.
But what you should never do is cry over a fuck boy.
If he didn’t care about you for anything but sex then he is a manipulative jerk, and not worthy of an ounce of your goodwill. As Lauryn also said, “respect is a minimum, (he) f**ked up and you still defending him?”
Good point, Lauryn. Good point.
So here are some fun things you can do instead of crying over that fuck boy.

5 things to do instead of crying over a fuck boy

Cross something off your bucket list

You’ve probably heard someone say “the best revenge is living well.” And while this obviously isn’t the best revenge because it doesn’t involve hydrochloric acid, it’s a pretty good way to get over a fuck boy.
See, a fuck boy goes from one girl to the next because he thinks he can do better every time. So you know what’s really going to stick in his craw? Showing him that he was wrong. You want to show him you were the best he was ever going to do and he let it slip through his gelled-up fingers.
So do something interesting that you’ve always wanted. Let him see it on social media. Make it very clear that you don’t care about him at all. You’re off living an awesome life he can’t be part of. Then when he comes crawling back… acid.
Right in the face.
Or just ignore him. Both are good options.

Find someone new

Jealousy. It’s an underrated emotion in a lot of ways. For instance, did you know that Leonardo DiVinci painted the Mona Lisa to make sure his ex-girlfriend knew he was dating a new, prettier girl?
Ok, you probably didn’t, because that didn’t happen. But while that fact may be completely made up, the fundamental idea is still great for letting that fuck boy know he didn’t realize what he had.
So, start looking for a new guy. If you can find one better looking or more successful that’s ideal, but really seeing you with anyone new will turn a fuck boy into a quivering mass of jealousness. And that makes it an excellent way to not only help you move on but to rub it in his face at the same time. That’s a win-win.
Now, I already know what you’ve been silently thinking to yourself since you saw the headline up there: “You don’t just snap your fingers and find a new boyfriend, you idiot Wably-writer guy.”
First of all, that’s harsh. Secondly, here’s a secret: You can pretty much approach any guy you have a crush on and ask them out. Unless they’re dating someone, they will say yes. Guys actually like being approached by women. It removes approach anxiety for us. Nine times out of ten, they wanted to ask you out but were afraid of rejection themselves.
So defy those traditional gender roles and those stupid fuck boys.

Do some good

Of course, why not use this opportunity to re-examine your priorities? Why worry about some fuck boy when, in the grand scheme of things, he is completely insignificant? There’s an entire world out there full of people and a lot of them need help.
And one of the surest ways to feel better about your own life is to do something to improve someone else’s. That’s actually backed up by science.
So why not spend a little time volunteering? For instance, there are plenty of animal shelters that need someone to walk the dogs. And there’s no way any boy could be as cute as a big fluffy dog. Not to mention the fact that a dog is always loyal.
Or you could help build houses and possibly meet a nice guy who is not only the sort of person who volunteers for charity, he’s also good with tools.
Dreamy, right?

Learn a new skill

Speaking of tools, that fuck boy might still have you feeling down. And that’s why you should find something new to occupy your time. Wouldn’t it be great to learn how to play guitar, or speak a new language?
Think of all the awesome possibilities that those new skills open up. You could go to a new country and be able to really converse with people with an entirely different life experience. Or you could wow your friends at a gathering with some virtuoso playing.
They say it takes 10,000 hours to really master a skill. But how many of us spend that amount of time just watching tv or dealing with people who aren’t worth our time.
Use this new opportunity you have to really dedicate yourself to learning how to do something you’ve always wanted to be able to do.


Of course, if all this talk of moving on and learning more about yourself isn’t doing it for you and you still want some revenge, why not go for it? And the best way to get revenge on a fuck boy is to improve yourself so that they realize what they are missing.
Hit the gym and get some new clothes. Not only will you feel great about yourself, but I guarantee you’ll get one of those annoying “sup?” texts from him after a few weeks when he sees the new you. And of course how you chose to respond to him is up to you.
But why not just keep things simple and tell him you don’t talk to fuck boys. Let him spend some time crying over you.

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