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Have You Heard About Gregg Valentino

Gregg Valentino is one of the most popular names in bodybuilding. But why? Read on to find out …

Bodybuilding is an activity and a sport which has become a cliché in our everyday lives. Not a day goes by in our life without us having an exposure to one or the other image of muscular guys in the media be it in advertising, magazines, television, etc.

In many ways, it can be said that the modern world view of fitness and what it means to be a healthy human being has been greatly shaped by the world of bodybuilding. And just like in any aspect of life, there will always be some people who rise to the top of the field. One such individual happens to be a guy named Gregg Valentino.

It is very likely that you might have heard the name already, especially if you have paid attention to the world of bodybuilding. This is because the mentioning of Gregg Valentino is something that is very hard to miss if you have paid even the slightest of attention to the world of bodybuilding. If you haven’t, read on because you will soon get to know more about Gregg Valentino and how he has helped in influencing the world of bodybuilding.

So who is Gregg Valentino?

The short and simple answer is that he is a bodybuilder. He is a bodybuilder just like many of the other bodybuilders from across the world.

The long answer is that he happens to be a very famous bodybuilder who has become world famous due to a bodybuilding accident that he had because of bad choices as well as downright irresponsibility.

So what makes him famous in the world of bodybuilding?

The answer is that he happens to have the world’s biggest arms. He is in fact the proud owner of a massive and downright unbelievable 27-28 inches. This happens to be something that is considered very much impossible according to most bodybuilders since the body has a biological upper limit regarding on what can be achieved naturally. If you want to push the upper limit, there is but one way to do so; which is the utilization of steroids and growth hormones.

It is very likely that Greg has used something called ‘synthol’, which is used very commonly in bodybuilding circles as a ‘site enhancement oil’, for the purpose of enhancing the external appearance of the muscle. Then again, it is also possible that he had used actual steroids such as testosterone or growth hormone, which are well known to increase muscle size.

For those who are not familiar with synthol, the oil is usually injected into the muscle tissue until there is a marked and visible increase in muscle size. The effect of the injection happens to be immediate, with size differences becoming apparent from the moment that the oil is injected. The oil doesn’t really improve the endurance or strength of the muscle but it does have an immediate effect on the size of the muscle. There is however some negative side-effects related to this, particularly if there are issues with improper injection of the substance. Injecting it into the vein for example can cause immediate death.

Greg’s Story

What made Greg famous though was not the size of his arms but rather the incident related to his arms. According to his own statements, he apparently suffered from an infection when he was injecting steroids. Due to the lack of adequate sterilization, he suffered from a hematoma in which he tried to treat by himself. After a few attempts at trying to drain the pus that had accumulated in his arm, he was hospitalized due to his condition worsening. It eventually led to a surgery where much of the gains that he had made would be removed in order to treat the infection.

But the above was just the beginning for Greg. The usage of steroids in the U.S. without a doctor’s prescription is a crime, which was apparent when he was admitted to the hospital for the surgery. It wasn’t long before the law enforcement got involved and he was arrested. The arrest cost him almost everything in his life, be it money, wealth, fame, car, house, etc.

Greg’s incident received massive coverage in the media, which in turn brought spotlight on an otherwise fairly-ignored issue in the bodybuilding and fitness industry. His experience is often told to be one of the most defining moments in the world of fitness and bodybuilding, where a great deal of attention was given to issues such as steroid abuse and its deadly consequences.

As a whole, it can be said without a doubt that Gregg Valentino happens to be someone who has been a very influential character in the bodybuilding and fitness world. Regardless of whether it may be for the good or bad, he is certainly one person whose has played a major role in helping the industry to evolve and aim for higher standards everywhere.

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