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Hangar 54 Grill – The Best Place to Go in Wisconsin for All American Food

Wisconsin is not a place where you will struggle to grab a quality bite if you are a local or a tourist wishing to sizzle your taste buds with what the average American survives on. Considering how many cultures the United States of America hosts and how many cuisines these cultures bring, there are not many places which offer great quality regardless of whatever you order, except for Hangar 54.

That’s right, the place that breaks this stereotype is Hangar 54 Grill; a classical American Grill located at Eau Claire Regional Airport, Star Avenue, Wisconsin. The place offers quality breakfast, brunch, traditional American food and a bar to make your visit one you will always remember. Why do we endorse this restaurant so much? Here is the list of considerations we made before arriving to our conclusion of the best place where you could enjoy American food to its finest!


Is it not the most welcoming sight ever to arrive at a new place, leave the aircraft, pick up your luggage and be seated on a comfortable chair with sophisticated and happy faces all around you? This is what you will most certainly feel when you enter the Hangar 54, because the waitresses will look as if they are delighted to serve you and every table will seem to be giving vibes of invitation for you to join in.

Customer reviews on popular websites have rated the ambiance of this airport restaurant as a fantastic one when compared to the price of food it charges, and anytime you happen to visit there, you will know exactly why!

Quality of Food

Whether you order the special ribs, the bacon burger or the special deep fried cheese curds with a helping of fries on the sides, one thing is for certain: you will not be disappointed! American’s have never been as concerned with the seating arrangement and formalities as they have been with the quality, tenderness, flavor, and traditionalism of food offered to them.

Apart from the excellent quality of food offered, the serving they give for the price charged is sometimes enough for you to ask for a take-home simply because you are not used to eating that much. So if you want a place that does not over charge through the use of the concept of ‘fine dining’, Hangar 54 is the next joint you should hang out at!


Some of you might be wondering; why opt for an airport to eat at? Will it not involve security checks and time consuming processes? The answer is no, because it is a regional airport and you can walk in the restaurant like any other place in town!

Ever since the restaurant was remodeled in the middle of 2016, people have wanted to check out the interior and try out the food – and have been impressed by both. This would not have been possible if the only traffic the restaurant got was of the travelers.

The Bar

One thing that people have absolutely loved about the place is the serving staff, especially at the bar! They say that they give large portions, have a great selection of drinks including tap and bottled beers, and that the bar compliments the food they serve a lot.

Would you not like to try out one of the delicious drinks on a comfy throne overlooking the runway? It is really as tempting as it sounds; so the next time you are in town and are craving a good drink with your pals, step right in!


It is important that we include this section in our review because it is natural to think that the lavish dining we have described so far comes at the cost of a fortune. Let us reassure you; it does not! It is a standard bar and grill, and it charges pretty much the same as any other around town will.

If you want a sample, consider the famous Tuesday BBQ special. Get a helping of tender and moist ribs and pulled pork with incredibly fresh coleslaw for just $ 9.00! Everything from the bar to the desserts is priced to your affordability and you can enjoy an incredible day or night out for less than ten bucks.


We hope that we have been able to convince you as to why Hangar 54 is indeed the best place to enjoy American food. If this article convinced you to try it out, we hope that you have a splendid experience.

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