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Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Full Video – No Reason Why You Have not Watched it by Now

If there is one sex video that you should have watched by now, it is the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Full Video. For one thing, that sex video is certainly clear. You can clearly tell who are the people are in the video. You cannot deny that Kim Kardashian is there and of course, her boyfriend at that time, Ray J was the one taking the video.

You should realize that this sex video has been viewed more than 150 million times online. A lot of people have seen it and of course, men would like to view it more than once. The video was supposedly made in 2002. At that time, Kim was better known as the daughter of the late Robert Kardashian. She was dating Brandy’s little brother, Willie who is better known as Ray J.

The video happened in October of 2002 when they went on a trip to Cabo, Mexico. Their reason for going there is because of Kim’s 23rd birthday. They had a camcorder with them and this is the camcorder that they used in order to take videos of their trips and to show that they were goofing around. This was also the equipment that they have used to take a video of them having sex.

Fast forward to a few years later and Kim was starting to become well-known in the social scene. She became the best friend of Paris Hilton for a while and with Paris being the “it” girl at that time, people are bound to notice her best friend. It was in 2007 when Kim Kardashian’s sex tape was released. It was entitled “Kim Kardashian, Superstar, a 41-Minute Movie.” If you would search it on porn sites now, Kim Kardashian sex tape full video will be enough to give you an eyeful of what you are searching for.

Kim sued so that the sex tape will not be released but she settled out of court. Some people question though that she did not release it herself in order to get the type of fame that she was not getting much at that time.

According to Vivid, the tape was sold for them for about $5 million but the representative of Kim Kardashian said that the amount of money paid was much lower than that. People can only speculate about how much Kim has truly gotten out of court, right? It is just so convenient that after the sex tape came out, this is when the reality show of the Kardashians was offered to them. Who would not pass up on the opportunity?

There are some reasons that some men give a damn about why the Kim Kardashian sex tape full video should be watched:

  1. It feels like a movie. You know the type of movie wherein you can see a couple in love with each other and they are getting frisky at the same time. If you would watch a movie like that, the sex scenes will be cut but for this sex tape, you know that the highlight will be the sex itself.
  2. Kim has nice body parts. It will be hard to deny that Kim has a beautiful body.
  3. It is one of the longest sex videos that you can view. Of course, there are longer sex videos that you will see online but when it comes to celebrity sex videos, this is one of the longest that you will find.

Should People Judge Kim Kardashian?

There are a lot of men and women who still think that it was her goal all along to become famous and she used the sex tape route like her ex-pal Paris Hilton to become popular but people are not giving her enough credit. There are reasons why some people see Kim Kardashian amazing as a woman:

  • She has businesses that allowed more job opportunities to be available in America. A lot of people are still unemployed but with her successful businesses, she is able to have people work for her and get paid for their services.
  • She is not afraid to take risks. She knows that risks can become good or bad and she has had her fair experiences of both.
  • She has gotten a lot of verbal abuse from social media and she still continues to be strong about it. This is not something that all women would be able to do.

If you have not watched Kim Kardashian sex tape full video yet, you should take a look at it – but do not forget about how far Kim Kardashian has gone even before that.

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