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5 Life Hacks for Kids All Parents of Preschoolers Should Know

You have to admit it, parenting is a bit tougher than you thought it would be, and you’ve always considered yourself the in-control type. Sure, there are days when everything goes your way, but then along comes those moments when frustration threatens to overtake you. How will you get everything done in time to drop the kids off at daycare by 7:30 so you can be behind your desk by 8? How can you deal with the constant mess caused the whirlwind of childhood? Surely, you wonder, there are a few life hacks that will make life easier? Indeed there are! And these life hacks are time-tested, passed down from other parents, and guaranteed to save both time and aggravation. You will adore these life hacks and wonder why these little tricks weren’t mentioned to you sooner!

Life Hacks for Kids #1: Getting Dressed for Pre-School

Does Little Alex put up a fight when you try to dress him in the morning? Does the act of rushing him to change out of his jammies into his school clothes catapult him into tears? The solution is simple—all you need to do is dress him the night before. This life hack will work best for preschoolers who are out of diapers and don’t have nighttime accidents. Instead of putting on pajamas, have your child put on fresh underwear, socks, a t-shirt, and shorts, sweatpants, or other comfy pants the night before. In the morning you will avoid the tantrums because they will hop out of bed and be ready to go. Don’t worry about wrinkled clothing, they’ll be dirty and rumpled by mid-morning anyway.

Life Hacks for Kids #2: Breakfast in a Hurry

Another life hack that will make your mornings run a little smoother involves feeding your little ones breakfast on the go. Maybe you need to leave even earlier than usual because of weather, or your boss called you in to an early meeting. Whatever the reason, you don’t want your little prince or princess to leave home on an empty stomach. You don’t have time to cook anything, but you do have time to reach your hand into the freezer and simply grab a frozen waffle—yes, completely frozen! Let them munch on it while you drive. It will leave fewer crumbs than cereal bits, and it doesn’t run the same risks as losing half a banana in the car seat. This life hack has a secondary usage as well, in that it can feel really soothing on teething gums.

Life Hacks for Kids #3: Juice Boxes without the Mess

The kids beg you for juice boxes at the grocery store, and you give in. You feel victorious because it says right there on the label that it is 100% pure juice with no added sugar. But your good mood lasts only as long as it takes to return home, have the kids stick the straw in, and proceed to squeeze the juice out all over themselves and your clean kitchen floor. This scenario plays out in most homes and cars where juice boxes are served, but now you can show your smarts by invoking Life Hack #3. All you need to do is pull up on the wings on the sides, and have the kids hold the boxes by the wings. No more juice fountains will come oozing up the hole and straw! Your friends will call you brilliant.

Life Hacks for Kids #4: Bath Time

It’s summer and your little ones are racing around the yard at dusk catching fireflies or running through the sprinkler. They beg you for popsicles before bed, but you are reluctant because you know these icy treats will cause sticky messes on faces, hands, and clothing. Life Hack #4 to the rescue: Have popsicles in the bathtub. The mess is contained, and sticky fingers, hair, and faces get cleaned off with soap, shampoo, and washcloths all within arm’s reach.

Life Hacks for Kids #5: Traveling by Air

You probably already know that TSA won’t allow your juice through security. Neither will they allow your pre-filled water bottles. But what you might not know is that they will allow FROZEN juice boxes and water bottles. Make sure you have your drinks frozen solid when you before you leave on your trip. If ice melts off the top of your water bottle by the time you arrive at the airport, simply take a sip before going through TSA. This life hack allows you to bring cool drinks with you, sparing you the expense of buying drinks at the airport.



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