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McDonald’s brings back McRib and an app for finding them

The McRib is Back With a New App to Show Where to Get One

Speaking of junk food, McDonald’s beloved McRib sandwich is coming back into participating locations. Because about 45% of restaurant locations didn’t have it last time, McDonald’s is releasing an app called the “McDonald’s McRib Finder,” for iOS (suckit for now, Android users, no McRib for you).

A couple years ago my daughter and I stopped at McDonald’s for lunch on the way to see a movie, and they had the McRib on the video display menu and all the signage, so I thought, “Hmm, let’s try one,” and then the confused kid behind the counter looked and looked for the little picture on his register and then had to ask the manager who told him they didn’t have any. I asked him why they didn’t take down the signs and he looked at me like, “Man, why are you giving me shit about this?” so I let it go.

Anyway get your McRib while you can. Here’s one of the dudes from Mythbusters seeing how McRibs are made. Yummy, I guess.

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