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Most Famous Mr Universe Winners

The National Amateur Bodybuilding Association was founded in the United Kingdom in 1950, and has been the premier organization which has been holding the Mr. Universe competition where bodybuilders from all over the world come together and compete based on the magnificence of their bodies. This article focuses on some of the most influential and renowned personalities that were titled as Mr. Universe winners, and we are sure you can match your memory with some of these gentlemen highlighted below.

Judging Criteria

Before we move on to know how many of these famous personalities used their titles as Mr. Universe winners to help them start off their careers, we shall highlight the criteria based on which the title is handed. The main judging is based on the body proportions and symmetry of the athletes, which means that aesthetic appeal has more clout than disproportionate muscle mass.

Before the evening commences with the finals, the finalists are sorted out in the day, and the entire process is very lengthy. But the panel is sure to be very unbiased and rewarding.

Now let’s get to what you were waiting for; the most famous Mr. Universe winners.

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Titles: 1967 Mr. Universe (Amateur), 1968-1970 Mr. Universe (Professional)

Most of us know Arnold for his movie star career he pursued after being named Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia multiple times. We also remember him as the governor of the state of California, but this little introduction to the great man relates more to his career as a bodybuilder.

Arnold is without a doubt the most famous bodybuilder in history, and has an entire competition named the ‘Arnold Classic’ to his name. He has 19 first place titles in international bodybuilding competitions, and 3 second place titles, and will continue to win the hearts of those who read about the successful and diverse career he leads starting from him being named among prestigious other athletes who were declared Mr. Universe winners.

  1. Frank Zane

Titles: 1970 Mr. Universe (Amateur), 1972 Mr. Universe (Professional)

Generally one would not expect a master’s degree holder in Experimental Psychology to be such a muscle head; but Frank Zane broke all those stereotypical barriers and went on to win honorable titles all his life. One of his unbeaten records is having a record of the thinnest waistline among all Mr. Universe winners ever.

His body is still considered to be one of the best proportioned bodies ever in the history of bodybuilding, which granted him the honor of being one of the only three people in history to rank higher than Arnold Schwarzenegger in international competitions. Frank Zane has 20 first place titles, 3 second place titles and 1 third place title and is undoubtedly one of the most memorable Mr. Universe winners.

  1. Chris Dickerson

Titles: 1974 Mr. Universe (Professional)

With a career of bodybuilding that lasted for around 30 years, Chris Dickerson is perhaps one of the most influential of the beefcakes of his kind because he holds the honor of being the oldest man to ever be crowned an internationally recognized title (Mr. Olympia) at the age of 43.

He was also the first African-American to be crowned Mr. America, which shows that talent is indeed boundless. He has 31 first place titles, 16 second place titles and 4 third place titles to his name.

  1. Edward Kawak

Titles: 1982-1985, 1993 Mr. Universe (Professional)

Edward Kawak is mainly famous for his four times Mr. Universe streak, followed by another award in 1993. He died at an early age of 47 from a heart attack, but his successful career and well-proportioned body is still remembered by fans and protégées, who continue to run the International Federation for Bodybuilders which was joined by Kawak himself.

Although Eddy Ellwood commenced an unbeaten streak of five times in a row in 1997, Edward Kawak was the first person who brought about the inspiration that aging is not the factor that should limit your strength and willingness to do better.

  1. Eddy Ellwood

Titles: 1997-2001 Mr. Universe (Professional)

Great Britain introduced the greatest competition ever, and the record for the biggest streak of half a decade of Mr. Universe awards was also given back to it thanks to the effort of Eddy Ellwood, the undisputed record holder from Great Britain.

Eddy Ellwood was very fond of boxing and began his career as a bodybuilder at a very young age of 19. As a five times winner of Mr. Universe and four times winner of ‘England’s Strongest Man’, there is no doubt that Eddy Ellwood in his prime days was indeed an aesthetic and classy act

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