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Why you shouldn't stress over not having clear skin

Woman wakes from sleep and she was cleansing the morning before shower
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Almost everyone struggles with not having clear skin. If you have clear skin at this point in your life, chances are, you suffered from acne when you were growing up, or you may even deal with adult acne in the future. So, even though everyone has similar struggles with acne, why do we continue to stress over not having clear skin? We plaster on concealer and foundation and viciously scrub our faces to get the pimples out, we worry about how to stop a bleeding pimple, and yet most of the time, our skin still struggles to look healthy.
Here’s something you may not know: acne doesn’t always stop once you finish puberty.
Some people get acne past the age of 25, but it all depends on your body, genetics, and stress levels. That being said, you are probably stuck with your unclear skin for a while. Since your acne will probably stick around for a while, here’s why you should stop stressing over not having clear skin.

It’s normal

Acne is said to be the most common skin disease out there. Anyone with clear skin who doesn’t deal with acne lies in the minority. You’re not weird for having blemishes and zits, and it should not cause you intense concern. Acne is unfortunately a part of life, and it’s something we must learn to accept.

Everyone has it

Because acne is so common, it’s safe to say that almost everyone has problems with not having clear skin. We all try to cover up our blemishes, but we all know what it’s like to have acne. If you see someone with acne problems, I’m sure you empathize with that person and you don’t immediately judge them for not having clear skin. Everyone deals with not having clear skin, and that’s okay.

It will clear up eventually

I had serious skin issues when I was in middle and high school, so I understand more than some how difficult acne can be for self-esteem and body image. However, as someone now in her early twenties, I can tell you that your skin goes through cycles. Acne is normal, but it’s also normal for your skin to fluctuate and give you clear skin in new phases of your life. If you remain consistent with your face routine, you will have clear skin eventually. It may not completely even out until you pass the age of 25, but every season of your life will bring you new opportunities for clear skin. So don’t stress about not having clear skin right now because I’m sure your time is coming!

People care less than you think

When we have bad skin, a lot of the time we worry that people will see our pimples instead of seeing us. While I’m sure people notice acne, especially in extreme cases, they care a lot less than you think when you look in the mirror. People are so busy with their lives that they could care less about what’s happening to your face. Instead, they’ll focus on the job you’re doing or the things you’re saying. So stop stressing about what they think because they probably don’t even care!

Stress causes more acne

Above all, the main reason you should stop stressing over not having clear skin is because it will lead you to more skin problems! One of the leading contributors to not having clear skin is stress. So, the more you worry about your acne, the more acne you’ll get, no matter how much you clean your face.

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