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Pamela Anderson Nude and Some Hot Facts to Know

If you grew up looking at Pamela Anderson nude then you are not the only one. Even if there are a lot of hot and sexy ladies who have also stripped in front of the cameras, the nude pics of Pamela Anderson are still very hot. Looking at her pictures back in the 80s and 90s will just make you reminisce about those times. You will realize that life isn’t as complicated as it is now. People lived with a carefree abandon. The rules are not yet that imposed. It was a great time for a lot of people’s lives.

A lot of men know that Pamela Anderson is not completely a natural. She has had a boob job but nevertheless, she is still one of the hottest women in her prime. Even if she is already 50 years old now, she is still someone that you would like to be with, even for a short while.

One good thing about the internet now is it makes it possible for various Pamela Anderson nude pics to be easy to search. There is no need to check out different ones and to find the pictures that you want to save. They can all be on one website and you will not be disappointed. She has a lot of nude pictures back when she was still doing nude photo shoots for various magazines. Some are saying that she could have been a porn actress but she did not push through with that route. In a way, this can be a good thing because at least, her nude pictures are more cherished.

Facts to Know About Pamela Anderson

Just how much do you know about Pamela Anderson? You may see her more now because of her obvious distress about the death of Hugh Hefner whom everyone knows is the founder of Playboy. Aside from that, there are still some facts that you should know about the hot actress:

  1. She was sexually abused as a child. She has gone through molestation from her babysitter. She was also raped by about 8 men before she reached the tender age of 15. She has gone through a lot of things but she proved that she was resilient and she pushed through with it.
  2. She has first increased her breast size to 34D but probably because she wanted to improve her figure further, she decides to get a 34DD. Even if men knew that her breasts were fake, they still like her a lot.
  3. She has appeared in Playboy more than any other model. Pamela has revealed that Hugh Hefner has told her that she is that one person who embodies Playboy. She was told by Hugh that she is his favorite and this is something that she will always hold close to her heart.
  4. She became well known internationally because of her role as C.J. Parker in Baywatch. She has appeared in 5 seasons of the show and this is still considered to be her best role so far.
  5. It seems that in the year 1999, she grew tired of her breast implants and she had them surgically removed again. Men are not complaining about it though because her natural breast size fits her current body.
  6. There are a lot of people who may think that all she does is look sexy but during her spare time, she is active in campaigning for animal rights. She has been active in stopping people from doing seal hunting and so much more. She also feels strongly about using animal fur. She will never wear a fur coat and she is campaigning for people from wearing fur as well.
  7. She and Tommy Lee experienced love at first sight when they first saw each other back in 1995. They got married a few days later and the first marriage lasted for 3 years. They still reunited with each other through the years.
  8. She has a famous sex video with Tommy Lee and she has always said that this is not something that she regrets doing because at that time, they were truly in love with each other and they wanted to document their love. This may be one of the videos wherein you can see Pamela Anderson nude.

Are you surprised with some of the facts that you have learned? If in case you have not seen some of the Pamela Anderson nude pics yet, you are missing out. They are plenty enough pics to turn you on.

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