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Porta-Potty Truck Dumps Raw Sewage On Freeway

Tucson News Now

I’d never heard that Mesa, Arizona was a shit hole until this morning, and saw that the evening news on Saturday had become a literal shit-show when a truck carrying a shit-ton porta-potties rolled over and spilled a bunch of raw sewage onto the freeway Saturday afternoon.

The porta-potties were empty, but the tank carrying the urine and feces from previously-full porta-potties spilled and caused a giant stinky mess that people had to sit in in traffic and smell.  Scorpion Hunter Jason Volentine said in a tweet that a “Truck carrying porta potty’s (sic) flipped over on the US 60… It does NOT smell good!” That’s probably the understatement of the year.

I’m sure it was a shitty situation for everyone involved, and that the motorists caught in traffic were pissed off. How could you not be? One minute you’re driving to grandma’s house and the next minute you’re parked on the freeway smelling the collective stench of 2500 construction workers and farm hands and farmer’s market shoppers and their porta-potty deposits. It’s unbelievably gross and definitely a public health issue and now everyone probably has hepatitis. The guy from the Arizona Department of Transportation who was unlucky enough to be on-call Saturday probably got there and was all, “I’m too old for this shit,” and that dude is like 26.

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