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Quip Review – Is This The Toothbrush for You?

There are a lot of kids who would try to avoid brushing their teeth for as long as they can because they do not see tooth brushing as something fun. Even adults try their best to do some brushing even when they do not want to. This is probably the reason why some adults would rather use electric toothbrushes. This will allow them to just move their hands without making a lot of effort. Some are reading a Quip review in order to learn more and decide if an electric toothbrush is the right one for their needs.

There is a need for people to follow a strict oral hygiene to ensure that their teeth and mouth will always be clean and healthy. If they would not do this, they can expect that they have to undergo more treatments in order to cure their teeth. A lot of people are looking for a Quip review online to decide if this electric toothbrush is a good buy or not.

There are some things that you can expect from this toothbrush:

  • Plain toothbrush head – You cannot expect that it will look like the more intricate toothbrushes that you may be used to.
  • 12 Different Options for Vibrations and Timers – If you want to keep track of the different brushing techniques that you want to do so that your teeth will remain clean, you can choose from any of these 12 options. You will not be disappointed.
  • Two-minute timer – This buzzes every time you are prompted to change the area of your teeth.
  • Four different colors – If you want something that will fit your bathroom design properly, you will not be disappointed as there are different colors to choose from.
  • Metallic colors – The shades of the metallic colors are not boring at all.

How Did Quip Start?

According to its founder, Simon Enever, he was inspired after he came home from a dentist visit in New York. The dentist that he went to was ranting about how people normally brush so hard that they are able to do more damage to their teeth. The dentist said that people should know the proper brushing technique and they should learn how to brush longer. From this time on, the idea for Quip started.

You can expect that Quip is a consumer-focused company. This means that they listen to what the customers want and they make sure that they are able to provide exactly what the customers need. Based on what they have gathered, they made sure to offer the following:

  • The metallic finish is similar to what an Apple product looks like.
  • It has a subscription option but people can choose the type of subscriptions that they want.
  • You may be reminded if you want the toothbrush head to be replaced every 3 months because you should know by now that the brush heads can only be used for a certain time period.

Even if you are not using Quip yet, take a look at your old toothbrush and decide if you need to replace it or not. If it has been over 3 months since you last purchased it, it is time for you to buy a new one.

Comparison of Quip with Other Electric Toothbrushes

It should be noted that Quip is bound to be more expensive than the other manual brushes that you can find from the drugstore but it is a bit cheaper than the other electric toothbrushes. You can take a look at a Quip review and compare that with the reviews of other electric toothbrushes to be sure that you are purchasing a quality item that is worth the extra money you are going to spend.

Take note that there are still a lot of dentists who think that electric toothbrushes are still unable to mimic the proper brushing technique that people can do with manual toothbrushes. Some even say that using electric toothbrushes is like a placebo. People normally feel that they are doing more for their teeth but actually they are not achieving anything.

If in case you truly want to have a great oral health, you need to make an effort to follow the instructions of your dentist regarding how you are going to clean your teeth. If you are also required to go to the dentist twice a year, then do it. If you are still undecided if you should buy a Quip electric toothbrush or not, do not forget the Quip review that is available online.

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