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Raddest Things: A Christmas Story/Walking Dead mashup

raddest things
Image: This is so rad

It’s that time again, for our weekly Menstration, our highly subjective weekly roundup of the BAD and RAD from this week…It’s the Men’s Trait’s Raddest Thing of the Week award.

Before I get into the nominees, how about a breakdown of our process? We get hundreds of nominees per week from readers. If you want to nominate someone, there are about 3 ways to reach us:

  1. You can submit nominees to our Facebook page.
  2. You can tweet us your nonimations at @MensTraitOnline or  @johnpsousa using the hashtag #MTRaddestPersonOftheWeek or #MTDBagOfTheWeek.
  3. You can email us at “editorial at 301digitalmedia dot com” with “MT D-Bag Of The Week Nominee” or “MT Raddest Thing of the Week” in the subject line.

Depending on the nominee, we’ll publish a post, and then we’ll keep track of them all week. Our staff then votes (sometimes after a vigorous Slack debate). So, you can submit items on people/things that were RAD or people/things that are BAD and we will break them down.

This was another great week for reader nominees. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Raddest Thing of the Week Nominee #1: Xanthe Pajarillo

Reader James from Lake Elsinore, CA brought this to our attention as a D-bag Nominee but we decided it was rad. In fact, this might have won except that the video is a year old. Still, Radness never gets old. Ever. Is she a comedian trolling the Santa Clarita city council? Almost certainly, yes. But it worked, because there was a lot of outrage about #firstworldproblems and the like. Well played, Xanthe. She also wrote a song about it.

D-Bag of the Week Nominee: Edgar Maddison Welch #1

This D-bag took a gun into a pizzeria in Washington D.C. because he believed a conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton running a child porn dungeon in the basement or some such shit. Nobody was hurt, thankfully, but fake news is gonna get someone killed eventually.

D-Bag of the Week #2: Professor Porn Author

Longtime reader William sent this in. Apparently this guy was writing some erotica on his laptop and forgot to close out his Word Doc before turning on the goddam overhead projector.

Professor accidentally leaves projector up while writing a porno during his class!

I have some questions.

  1. What is a “girlie cock?” Is that the clitoris?
  2. Does the narrator really want her to refer to her “beautiful big boobs” as “juggs?”
  3. Does the narrator really want her to refer to her vagina using That Word?
  4. What subject does this professor teach? It’s not writing.
  5. Has this dude been listening to the My Dad Wrote a Porno podcast?
  6. Does this dude have tenure? He’ll need it after all the microaggressions he just committed.

Anyway nice work, Professor.

Men’s Trait’s Raddest Thing of the Week: A Christmas Story/Walking Dead mashup

Reader Andrew sent this one in. It was nice of him because as far as I know he doesn’t even celebrate Christmas. But he was thinking of those of us who do, and for that we thank him.

Because it’s Christmas, and instead of shooting your eye out, you can take out an assload of walkers. Have a good weekend.

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