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Rocks Bouncing On Frozen Pond Make Unbelievable Sounds

This winter, you’ll want to try skipping a rock across a frozen pond after seeing this video.

We know the world can be a beautiful place, but sometimes the planet is just downright interesting. Skipping rocks across a serene pond can be a lot of fun, but it can be even more interesting when the pond is frozen. Be sure to grab a pair of headphones, because the sounds these rocks make skipping across the frozen water can best be described as out of this world.

Why does skipping rocks across a frozen pond make this sound?

First, we should make note that not everyone will be able to replicate this experience. People attempting this at higher elevations are more likely to hear the futuristic sounds in the video than those attempting the same thing closer to sea level.

But, the alien-like sounds are actually a result of sound traveling different speeds through different media. When skipping a rock across water, the sound needs only pass through two media, liquid water and air. But when the lake or pond is frozen, the sounds actually reverberated through three different media, frozen water (ice), liquid water and air. Because liquid and solid water are chemically different, an echoing takes places underneath the ice that causes the unique effect.

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If you live near a frozen lake, be sure to snap a video of yourself skipping a rock across the ice and share it with us!

What do these skipping rocks sound like to you?

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