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The Terribly Dark Side of Hillary Clinton

People have accused Men’s Trait of being “a rag site” and “democrat nest.” Our personal favorite was when a reader opined that we were a “piece of socialist sht.” What did we do to deserve this? Well, we made a lot of people very angry with one of our articles.

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All we did was pull together the 32 worst things Donald Trump has ever said. Now, we’re not entirely sure why people got upset. It’s not like we offered political commentary on his views and policy stances; we just quoted him! One thing that was clear is that people wanted us to rake Hillary Clinton over the coals, and that’s just what we did here.

We’re not a political publication, and our staff has exactly zero experience writing on politics in general, so forgive us if this effort isn’t up to the normal standards of journalistic excellence.


Hillary Orchestrated Benghazi

A source inside the Pentagon has confirmed what has long been suspected: Hillary Clinton was the mastermind of the attacks on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi. Thanks to a previously undiscovered photo being released, we can now confirm that Clinton was there the night of the attack, and she appears to have taken part in the fighting, as evidenced by her holding a gun and the destruction seen behind her.


What this means for her presidential bid is unclear at this time, but we can assume this new knowledge will further solidify the support she has from America’s 6.2 million Muslims. It’s a group that was key in helping elect Barack Hussein Obama to the Oval Office, whose name certainly sounds Islamic. Could the Muslim takeover of America already be 7 years in the making? Will Killary Hillary continue the clearly pro-Islamic policies of Barack Obama? That’s yet to be seen, but this can’t be good news for good God fearing Christians in America.


Hillary Will Model Her Government After Hitler’s

An anonymous source within the State Department said recently that during her time as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton began modeling her ideal government after the fascist superstar Adolf Hitler. Our source said, “Hill loved Hitler. It was frightening how infatuated she was with his ideas.”


The source would then go on to discuss Clinton’s plans regarding Israel and Zionists at home, which were described as “scary” and “of unparalleled brutality.” The goal of her strategy would be to completely eliminate all Jews, and a big component of this would be accomplished by recognizing Palestine as an independent nation, then arming the Muslims with advanced weaponry and training.

This news must be shocking to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and this will only further fray the tenuous relationship between the U.S. and Israel.


We’re Full of Shit

If you’ve made it this far you’ve probably realized that we’re making fun of people who got bent out of shape because a website made fun of Donald Trump. Get over it. We’re not trying to be funny; it’s just ridiculous how little tolerance people have for anything that doesn’t jive with their (uninformed) personal opinions.

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We’re a men’s lifestyle website. We cover things like style, food, travel, health & fitness, and we toss in some entertainment once in a while. We’re not making political statements, and we’re definitely not moonlighting as a political journalists. Sit back, relax, laugh every once in a while, and enjoy life. And stop finding a billion reasons to be pissed off at the world.

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