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Things A Woman Says: Why You Should Care About Stuff

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Men, it’s time we had a discussion. Real talk.

You see, things are happening in this world. Things that impact your girlfriend, spouse, peers, or parents.

And it’s easy not to care, to turn a blind eye and put in the earbuds.

Know what I’m talking about yet?

If you listen to or read the news, you might be hearing talk of things like gender equality, closing the wage gap, the refugee crisis, and other world events. It’s a lot to comprehend. And this is why it’s so easy to tune the news out.

And sure, sometimes the easiest route is best. But does the easiest route often help us move forward as complex society? Help us better the lives of our children?

In the 1950’s, an undercurrent began to flow. A lot of things were different in those days, like the pictures you’ve seen of classic cars lining the street, or women wearing outrageous “poodle skirts.” Oh, and biracial marriage was illegal in most states. Can you imagine? It would literally be illegal for you to marry Beyoncé in Texas. And that just ain’t right.

Luckily the Civil Rights Movement found stable, solid ground to hold protests and demonstrations. Biracial marriage (amongst other incredibly important laws) was proven legal in all states by 1967. Society advanced.

But what if, back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, no one cared? What if everyone simply tuned out during a speech by Martin Luther King Jr.?

It makes you wonder what kind of place we’d be living in now.

I get it, it’s easy not to care about stuff. Everyone is doing their own thing, trying to make a living. Meeting a girl along the way. But what if monumental, historical events were passing you by as you kept scrolling on your Twitter feed? Could you tell your children you were at the forefront of ending gender inequality in the United States? That their mother, or your daughter, is now able to make the same wage as a man while doing the same task?

What did you do to help war-torn refugees separated from their families? Or to end systematic racism in your workplace?

The future is happening now, as much as we want to tune out to that reality.

It’s time to Man Up and care about it.

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