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Trump Sunlight Campaign will protect you

July 27, 2016: Illustration showing Republican Donald Trump versus Democrat Hillary Clinton face-off for American president with words Election 2016 on isolated background done in stencil retro style
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At this point in the game, any dirt that could possibly be dug up about our presidential candidates is being spewed into the faces of every American citizen. It’s a tale as old as time, or at least since 1789. Elections bring out competition for us red-blooded Americans. But something about 2016 has muddied the water a bit more than other election seasons: we have a huge ass bully running for the greatest office in world.

Donald Trump’s list of shit runs deep. That’s not to say that Hillary doesn’t have her fair share of skeletons and dirt – let’s be real. But seriously, Donald? The recent reveal of his “pussy” comments with Billy Bush, where he makes hardcore derogatory statements about women, has shaken us to our core. And as though that isn’t enough, now his supporters are tweeting #Repealthe19th (as in repeal the amendment that gave women the right to vote), because in a world where only white-privileged male assholes voted for a presidential election, he would win.

So while Trump’s immoralities and egocentrism seem like they are enough to speak for themselves, here’s what is mind-blowingly important to understand: it’s not.

Something needs to be done to stop this bully from terrorizing our nation for 4-8 years.

A man by the name of Aaron Holman had a revolutionary thought: what if we all banded together to protect the person who came forward with potential evidence of Trump’s (to put it mildly) inadequacy? Holman started the Trump Sunlight Campaign with a simple philosophy:

Someone out there is likely in possession of a piece of evidence that could be used to substantiate what many folks have always believed; that the current nominee for President of the United States is not a moral leader for us all to look to over the next four years. This country needs that person to come forward and ensure that we all know the truth that is out there.

Recent developments have lead many to believe that video footage of Donald Trump exists which proves that the person we have all come to know over the past year is not the person that he truly is – footage that reinforces what we have all just recently begun to see more clearly.

There are risks to releasing this footage, including a potential $5 million dollar lawsuit, other legal fees or adverse professional implications.

So, how would someone afford to stand up to Trump you ask? Holman did something so simple but so genius: he created a go fund me account.

This campaign hopes to raise the funds to pay those penalties and reward the whistleblower responsible with whatever remains to assist them as they move forward in their career.

Please help us out and our committee will ensure that at least one barrier to this evidence being presented to the American people is removed.

Sunlight afterall, is said to be the best disinfectant.

So there you have it, folks. It takes one little donation from all of us to ensure the safety of the brave soul that comes forward with this evidence.

So, go. Donate. And stop this asshole from having any more influence in our nation.


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