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10 Ways to up your avocado toast game

Smashed avocado on whole grain toast to make avocado and radish sandwiches
Image: Ina Ts / Shutterstock

To all the people out there saying “Avocado toast is dead”, you’re wrong. Go home. While it may have trended in 2016, it’s still a fact that, basic or not, everyone loves avocados (and if you don’t then, again, go home). They’re the green, buttery fruit that melts in your mouth, and can be used in a number of ways. In recent years, avocados have become a sort of superfood. Vegans love them because they can be a great protein substitute for meat, and they can go on salads, sandwiches, or just about anything you can imagine. One popular way to enjoy avocados is to put them on toast and enjoy them for breakfast. Of course, life can get a little boring with the same avocado toast, so here are some ways to spice up your mornings and revolutionize your avocado toast!

Choose different types of bread

Toast can get pretty bland because it’s just, well, bread. Don’t let that stop you from having an exciting breakfast! Every bread has a different texture and flavor, so don’t limit yourself to the same old sourdough bread every morning. Maybe try an everything bagel or some honey wheat toast to mix things up, and see how different breads can change the taste of your avocados.

Add more interesting toppings

An easy way to mix up your avocado toast is to add more than just avocados. Although many people limit themselves to basic toppings like tomatoes, you can add more exciting options like cayenne pepper, lemon juice, sea salt or even strawberries! Don’t be afraid to branch out and maybe even try pears or jalepeños.  

Drizzle different sauces

As you work on creating new and exciting toast options, don’t forget about adding sauces to improve the flavor. These sauces can be anything from sweet to savory, but each of them help improve the taste of boring avocado toast. Some options we recommend are honey, lemon juice, or Sriracha!

Experiment with texture

In order to keep your avocado toast exciting, try experimenting with your textures. This can be as simple as switching up your bread or adding more toppings, but it can also refer to your avocado. Maybe you always mash your avocado and use it as a spread. Instead try slicing your avocado and laying it on top of your toast. You can try a number of different texture combinations, and these will all help to give a little variety to your mornings.

Try sweet potato toast instead of bread

This may sound like a weird suggestion. Sweet potato toast? Instead of bread? What does that even mean? It’s just like it sounds! Grab a sweet potato, slice it up into bread-like widths, and pop it in the toaster or broiler (that mysterious thing in your oven). Once it’s done, add some avocado on top and you have a whole new option for avocado toast! Of course, this also provides new opportunities for regular toast. The possibilities are endless.

Add eggs

Eggs are a staple American breakfast food. Why wouldn’t you consider adding them to your avocado toast? Of course, this option may not be for everyone (I see you vegans!), but if you do enjoy eating eggs for breakfast, they’re a perfect topping for avocado toast. A good way to revolutionize the egg is to experiment with how you cook it. Eggs can be cooked differently depending on the texture and taste you want, so definitely try to mix it up when putting them on toast. Scrambled eggs are great, but maybe try sunny side up every once in a while. Or even better, poached!

Use meat and seafood

If you need more protein than an avocado (and you aren’t vegan/vegetarian), consider adding some meat to your toast. Bacon and sausage may be the primary American breakfast meats, but there are a number of other creative options to choose from. You could try more seafood options like shrimp or salmon, but you could also stick to more traditional meats like ham or salami, too.

Utilize your spice rack

A lot of us have spice racks or spice shelves hiding in our pantries, but we don’t fully use them. If you don’t grow up cooking regularly, you may just focus on the two staples: salt and pepper. Both of those can spice up your avocado toast, but try using other spices like paprika or garlic salt or even coriander seed. Adding just a bit of turmeric or cayenne pepper can have amazing health benefits, too!

Go green

Even though avocados are green, you can never have too much of that beautiful color. Don’t rely on that salad before dinner to give you all the necessary nutrients your body needs; add some leafy greens to your avocado toast! These can be normal greens like lettuce or spinach, but you could even add things like sprouts or basil. These unique greens can vastly improve taste and texture to a regularly bland piece of avocado toast.

Don’t be afraid to try new combinations

Above all, the best way to up your avocado toast game is to try new things. These ideas are here so you can branch out and create new combinations than you normally try. By adding toppings and varying texture, you can spice up your mornings while also getting vital nutrients that your body needs.

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