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What are crystals and can they transform your home?

Rose quartz uncut, crystal healing for love and heart, reflections
Image: Shutterstock/Miriam Doerr

People have long found something enticing and beautiful about crystals. But what exactly are they? They can be made of stone, metal, ceramics and ice, but what typically defines crystals (other than amorphous crystals) is the repeated pattern of their atomic or molecular composition. If you already feel lost, just think of a paper snowflake, and how it has the same patterned holes cut into it.
Okay so that may be the technical definition of crystals, but that doesn’t cover the vast range of associations and meanings given to various kinds of crystals according to their shape and color. Consider astrologists for instance, who attribute these solids with various powers to change the emotional and energetic atmosphere of a place as well as the well-being of an individual who is in their presence.
An astrologist who goes by the name “Crystal Chick” provides us some examples about how crystals can change your life for the better. She claims, for instance, that crystals have the power to heal specific bodily weaknesses and ailments. Jasper and bloodstone can help with blood disorders. Green crystals, such as Peridot, help cells regenerate and grow into good health. Light blue stones help with throat problems. Wearing these stones and placing them in your home are purportedly a holistic way to encourage general physical well-being.
Crystal Chick also claims that certain stones have a psychological effect on individuals. For example, they encourage feelings of love and forgiveness by breaking down barriers such as anger, resentment, and sadness. Smithsonite helps to heal a painful childhood, and Malachite releases trauma. Having these crystals around your home can make it an altogether more peaceful and harmonious place to be.
Your house may also need protection from so-called negative energies. Black Tourmaline is considered one of the most potent crystals against negative energies such as electromagnetic smog and geopathic stress. A white crystal called Selenite is said to serve like a guardian angel that creates a peaceful atmosphere. Add some Rose Quartz to your living room and you’ll add a little calming, loving energy to your home.
The website Crystal Guidance includes an important notice: “Crystals and energy healing should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care.” So while you’re looking to add good vibes to your life and home and get rid of the bad ones, don’t forget to, you know, go to the doctor if you’re not feeling well.

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