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What’s There To Do in Key West?

What’s there to do in Key West? There are so many things to do in Key West that it’s hard to know where to start. But if you only have a week or so to spend in Key West, it helps to know where all the good spots are. It also helps to know what places and activities you don’t want to miss. So you’ve come to the right place to find out what’s there to do in Key West!

Accommodation in Key West

Key West has lots of options for accommodations. Be warned, though, that during high season the availability of rooms drops – by a lot. In tandem, the rates go up – by a lot. You might not be able to get the room you want at the price you want. So book ahead, and be prepared to pay more during summer months. If you want to avoid the crowds and get better prices on accommodations, consider visiting Key West in March through May.

Southernmost Point Guest House

This historic Victorian plantation style guest house is perfect in every way. There are numerous options for rooms, including in the separate carriage house at the back of the lot. The rooms are clean, comfortable and spacious. When you stay here, you get a free parking spot in the lot behind the main guest house. There’s complimentary red and white wine in the reception room, and you’re free to take the glass up to your room. There’s even a swimming pool for guests on the side of the house. The property is surrounded by lush tropical plants and trees. Families of hens (yes, hens) wander around the courtyard, in the bushes and beneath the numerous outdoor tables and chairs. A restaurant and beach access are literally across the street. This is arguably the best guest house in Key West.

Attractions in Key West

Everyone has their own idea of what a good attraction is. Key West has enough attractions that everyone can go and do and see what they like.

What’s There To Do in Key West?: Mel Fisher’s Treasures

Mel Fisher was a treasure hunter who lived on Key West before he passed away in 1998. After years of trying to obtain enough money to go searching, he and his team found the wreck of a Spanish ship called the Nuestra Señora de Atocha, which had sunk off the coast of the Florida Keys. A large sampling of his treasures are on display in an intimate shop on Duval Street. You’ve never seen anything like it.

What’s There To Do in Key West?: Hemingway House

Imagine getting a guided tour of the house of a literary giant. Ernest Hemingway lived in Key West while he wrote “To Have and Have Not,” among other novels. This tour includes detailed narrative about his life and loves, as well as a peek into his private writing studio. This is an unforgettable story you won’t want to miss. On your way out, be careful not to step on the paws of any of the Hemingway cats that still live on the grounds.

Activities in Key West

Whether you’re an adrenalin junky or a bystander, you’ll find plenty of activities in Key West to stay busy.

What’s There To Do in Key West?: Barefoot Billy’s

Barefoot Billy’s is a water sports outfit that offers all manner of things to do in Key West. With just one phone call, you can reserve your spot to go parasailing, kayaking, jet skiing, paddle boarding, snorkeling and more. If you’re the type to wing it, you can hook up with the Barefoot Billy’s crew at Smather’s Beach, where they operate a walk up kiosk.

Beaches of Key West

At the end of the day, knowing what’s there to do in Key West comes down to knowing where the best beaches are.

What’s There To Do in Key West?: Smather’s Beach

Smather’s Beach is the quintessential Key West Beach. With its powdery soft white sand, cool breezes and aqua water, this is what you had in mind when you first started wondering what’s there to do in Key West. Bring an umbrella because the sun is hot, hot, hot.

What’s There To Do in Key West?: South Beach

South Beach is at the end of Duval Street. It’s in a little inlet, and it ‘s a cozy little beach where you can wade, sunbathe or look for seashells.

What’s There To Do in Key West?: Fort Zachary Taylor State Park Beach

Are you more the type who likes a little rough with your beach experience? The shoreline of this hidden oasis is lined with rocks, where lots of different fish have their home. Enjoy snorkeling, watching the sunset, spotting dolphins, or fishing.

Now that we’ve answered what’s there to do in Key West, it’s time to get down there and see for yourself. There’s always a hidden gem waiting to be found around the corner in Florida’s best town.

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