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Which Car Brands are the Most Affordable to Repair?

Mechanic working on a diesel filter, close up
Image: Photology1971/Shutterstock

When it comes to buying a car, the initial purchase is only a fraction of the cost. For that reason, you’ll want to make sure you examine the maintenance and repair costs for all makes and models and purchase one that’s consistently within your means. We’ve done research to help you in determining what the most cost affordable to repair car brands are.


Toyota just may be the only foreign car that’s just as cheap to repair than a domestic. Parts are extremely cheap, mass produced and shipped all over the world, making them easily accessible to maintenance and repair shops, and therefore… you. Toyota also makes a range of cars and SUVs, and rarely do parts differ from same-size car to car. For example, a Tacoma and 4-Runner likely overlap in terms of the parts they use, making them easier to get and cheaper to make and maintain in many regards. Lastly, Toyota is known for its reliability – you shouldn’t be driving or towing your Toyota for repairs much at all, making it an even cheaper option than it already is.


Chevrolet is known for its reliability, its durability, and its simplicity – it’s been that way over decades. A great All-American vehicle, the Chevrolet is for the working family who needs a quality vehicle that they can rely on and maintain affordably, whether it be a car, truck, or SUV. Chevrolet delivers on all accounts by making parts very cheaply (though not lacking in quality), and making them easily accessible to nearly everyone, whether in a shop, online, or through a generalized car parts store. Though it’s not quite as consistent in reliability as a Toyota, repairs really are few and far between and a landslide better than other competitors.


When it comes to consistency in performance and maintenance, it doesn’t get better than Ford. Ford has been the same for years: focused on creating a quality product that’s cost affordable in the long run, that will last a very long time. Like Chevy, they’re domestic, making their parts cheap and easily accessible to everyone without importation costs or other tax. Like Chevy and Toyota, Ford’s are known for their reliability, so it helps that you shouldn’t be fixing it often anyway.
There’s no question about it – dealing with giant domestic brands like Ford and Chevrolet are a fool proof way to go when it comes to cheap maintenance and repairs. Likewise, you can’t go wrong with Toyota.

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