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Why Use a VPN? 5 Reasons You Should Consider A Virtual Private Network

Why use a VPN? Whether you value your privacy or just want to unlock access to global Netflix content that VPNs can offer, a VPN is a must-have in 2018.

Why use a VPN when everything is running fine? You may claim that everything is fine but no, let us tell you for a fact. Ever since Edward Snowden blew his whistle on agencies like NSA, cyber security and cryptography should be talk of every town. Especially if it is not! as it is a highly sensitive matter that could shatter and rattle how you believe things. Do you remember those small cameras, whether it’s your phone or laptops? Well the thing is they can be used for mass surveillance, without you having any idea. Google and Facebook collects your data, and sells it various companies Cambridge Analytica, do you remember it?

Are you still hanging on?

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Why use a VPN?

VPN (virtual private networks) are privately controlled that connects a user to the Internet. These are always encrypted, to make your network secure and safer from digital prying eyes like ISP’s.

There is way more reasons that can be counted for the sake of explaining someone that our privacy is in shambles. So, instead of getting all those reasons, the ones that are the most be important will be emphasized upon.

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Why use a VPN?: Bypass Internet Censorship

Lots of countries in this world thinks the can control the information flowing in from the outside world. Many of them are able to do this to some extent. China for example is known for its Great Firewall. These limit your access the Internet and many of your favorite sites are blocked. Like once YouTube got blocked in Pakistan for blasphemy reasons. If you are living in one of these countries, a VPN can break the spell of these limitations and blockades of information found in this country. This is a very good answer to the question “why use a vpn?

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Why use a VPN?: To Hide Your Internet Activity From Your ISP

You get the benefits of being anonymous on the Internet for your daily lives. You get to hide your browsing history from your ISP. You can rid of this kind of surveillance with help of any kind of VPN.

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Why use a VPN?: You Are Able to Use Public Wi-Fi Hotspots Without Any Risk

Cafes, airports, restaurants and many other public places provide free Wi-fis and wi-fi hotspots. While we do not stop to connecting our devices to these, there can be harmful effects for the users ranging from theft to getting hacked. A VPN can help you with keeping you — and your personal information — safe from prying eyes. (So no hackers will learn about your love for Shark Tank fails and Reptar.)

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Why use a VPN?: All of Netflix’s Content Can Be Accessed, From Around the World

Due to copyrights, all of Netflix material is barred from viewing outside USA. By using a VPN can make your device’s IP address appear to be from nearly anywhere in the world. This way all the content which was may be unavailable to your region becomes available to you. So you can watch everything from the 6 Best Movies From the 70s to the 13 Best Stoner Movies and beyond, without having to worry about where you are, geographically.

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Still wondering, “why use a vpn?

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Why use a VPN?: Breaking Out of the Restricted Networks of Offices or Workplaces

In your work or school area there is always an ‘Acceptable Use’ policy. Many organizations will block Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or even Flickr from using this policy. Your VPN’s IP will be indistinguishable to the administrator thus a VPN will help you tunnel out to reach your websites so you can watch that amazing vaping video on YouTube, or keep your boss from tracking your every move while you plan that long-awaited river cruise vacation.

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