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The 15 Craziest Reasons People Are Voting For Trump


Image: Michael Vadon via Wiki Commons

Like many people, you might be wondering, “Why vote for Donald Trump?” Here are 14 of the craziest reasons people have given for voting for him.


donald trump immigration immigrants meme
Image: imgflip

I’m Hispanic and I vote for Mr. Trump! We vote for Mr. Trump! Yes!!!

Given his characterization of Mexican immigrants as rapists, it seems strange that many Hispanic-Americans would be on board with voting for a trump presidency, but this guy didn’t seem to mind. I suppose it’s possible he’s from another Latin American country where people also don’t like Mexicans, such as Guatemala, where lingering tensions over agave mining have made the two countries bitter enemies. It’s true, look it up.

 donald trump pointing a finger

I like his roughness and little Reaganesque.

A lot of people see Trump’s lack of social grace as a sign that he’s the political outsider they need, rather than the obnoxious boor that he is. I’m not sure what he and Reagan have in common, other than that both have some pretty weird looking haircuts.

 donald trump toupee meme

He’s like George Washington, ya know? He really wants to help our country.

He’s kind of the opposite of George Washington. While Washington could famously not tell a lie, Trump speaks exclusively in lies. We all remember the story of George Washington chopping down a Cherry tree because he was bored and admitting the truth to his father. I imagine in that situation Trump would have declared bankruptcy, filed for the tree to be seized by the government, and then secure it at auction to sell back to his father.


Donald Trump Looking Smug
Image: Gage via Wiki Commons

America needs more people like him.

Unfortunately America has way too many orange jerks as it is, as anyone who has been to the Jersey Shore can assure you.


donald trump on the apprentice meme

He’s my best mentor in my life.

Seriously? If you’re going to pick your mentor from people you see on TV then Jack Bauer is the obvious choice.


donald trump can't handle the truth racist meme

He’s the truth.

Well Jerry Fallwell Jr. seems to think so, and he and his Liberty University weirdoes have always claimed to be the expert on that’s. Although, you might want to think twice before you take the word of people who run a university where a class on creationism counts as a biology credit.


Businessman and presidential candidate Donald Trump held a press conference at Trump Tower to unveil his comprehensive tax reform plan
a katz /

He’s honest.

For someone who’s so honest, he doesn’t talk much with his supporters about the fact that he’s currently being sued for fraud.


donald trump finger wagging meme

Because of his political incorrectness.

Trump is known for not having any qualms with saying things that most people would consider to be horribly racist. He’s sort of like a reverse Martin Luther King Jr. Although, a lot of Trump’s popularity has to do with the fact that people who hate minorities like it when politicians agree with them.


donald trump racist racism meme
Image: Quick Meme

(From Young Black Man) I’m tired of hearing about his, like, racism. He is a little harsh that’s true. He’s a little harsh on it. However, what he said needed to be said.

Usually a politician would steer away from saying things that could in anyway be construed as racist. Congressman George Allan learned this lesson the hard way after not making the effort to learn the name of one of his staffers torpedoed his Presidential prospects. In the atmosphere of political correctness that pervades politics, anything that could be branded as racism can and will be used to take a politician down. Someone Donald Trump has managed to avoid this fate, despite routinely saying things that even the most rural Republicans could never get away with. Of course, Trump has been smart enough to only promote racism against groups that it’s still acceptable to discriminate against.


The DNC Should Fear The Bern
Photo: – The DNC Should Fear The Bern

He’s real that’s what we need.

Hair, skin, teeth, there is literally nothing about him that’s real. This doesn’t seem to be an issue among Trump supporters. They are pledging their votes based on the fact that he’s somehow managed to run as an outsider within a party that hates itself.


donald trump money meme
Image: Political Memes

His presidency would be classy.

I’m not sure what that means. I kind of imagine Trump stripping the White House of paintings and copper wiring before he leaves. Doesn’t seem classy to me.


donald trump as a clown
Image: The Wrap

His presidency would be a presidency of hope.

The only people who have a reason to be hopeful about a Trump Presidency are comedians. At least until he makes it illegal to make fun of his hair.


A Trump Presidency (According To A Third Grader)
Photo: – A Trump Presidency (According To A Third Grader)

He said he’ll put a wall down on the southern border. When you talk about common sense, that’s the common sense thing to do.

You know who else wanted to build a wall? Krushchev. How’d that work out? On the plus side, if we elect Trump we can probably get the Canadians to spring for a wall on their border. Two monuments to xenophobia and isolationism for the price of one? I’ll take that deal.


Donald Trump and Jesus

My relationship with Donald Trump would be as almost a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Wow, just, I don’t know what to do with that. You probably need to talk to a priest for something like that. On the plus side, I’m sure Trump would love to replace Jesus in your life. Come, embrace him child, he will protect you in exchange for a modest donation.

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