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Have You Ever Read Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk?

Have you ever read the comic book miniseries, ‘Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk’? If you are a fan of the Marvel Universe comic books, it is very likely that you would have heard about it. Then again, it is entirely possible that it is all new to you; in which case, read on.

As children, we have always been fascinated by comics and their ability to ‘wow’ us with their depictions of an otherwise fantasy world. The genres that we were hooked into were of diverse backgrounds, but the one thing that stood out was that of superheroes.

Ever since the rise of cartoons, superheroes, or in other words, people who were having an utterly extraordinary ability to do things that no ordinary mortal could do, they have always captured our imaginations. In a lot of the cases, it used to be downright cheesy or simply even impossible. But that didn’t really discourage us from reading them. In fact, it can be said that most of us always wanted to become a superhero to one degree or another.

However, the magic soon faded away once we grew up and realized that a lot of it was largely a fantasy world and nothing more. But at the same time, the fantasy world was something that captured our imagination to a great extent and has often kept us hooked for more even after we reached adulthood.

The way that comic books kept us hooked was through one of many ways. One of the most popular ways in which they kept everyone hooked was through the introduction of new characters, be it that of enemies or of superheroes. Another way that they kept things interesting was by bringing together all of the various characters into a single comic and creating something epic from it.

When it comes to the case of Wolverine vs. Hulk, it is the latter which is at play here, for the two happen to be from two completely different comics, although belonging to the same Marvel comic universe. For those who are not familiar with the two characters, the below two paragraphs will certainly help out immensely.

The Wolverine, who uses the name Logan in everyday life, is described as being a mutant with the power to heal rapidly. Taking note of this ability, scientists would have unethically injected him with a near indestructible metal called adamantium into his skeleton in an effort to use him as a human weapon.

The Hulk on the other hand, happens to be a normal human who would have gotten superhuman abilities because of a scientific mishap. This would have given him the ability to turn into a superhuman green beast with massive muscles and a level of anger almost unheard of in the entire world.

Coming to the actual Wolverine vs Hulk comics, also called Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk, the comics are a crossover of two different worlds in the Marvel universe, with the X-men world on one side and the Avengers world on the other.

Published by Marvel Comics, the series was sold as part of the Ultimate Universe edition and written by the last co-creator, Damon Lindelof and illustrated by artists, Leinil Francis and Dave McCaig.

The plot of the comic series is fairly simple and easy to understand. In the series, the main characters are as the title would suggest; the Wolverine and the Hulk.

The characters are said to have faced off after the Wolverine gets contracted by Nick Fury to kill the Hulk, whom it is shown in the comics as living in Tibet. The rest of the series is essentially a cat and mouse game where the two characters chase and hunt each other in an effort to survive and thrive, while at the same time trying very hard to destroy the other.

While the comic is largely related to the two title characters, there are many new entrants in the series as well, such as She-Hulk.

The series were six-part episodes in total and was fairly well received by fans everywhere. There was however a couple of snags along the way, with the publishing of the later parts being delayed for a significant period of time, which proved to be a great disappointment to many fans. One of the interesting things about the series is that it was adapted into an animated cartoon by Marvel Knights and released on DVD by Shout! Factory.

In all, the miniseries Wolverine vs. Hulk is one of the best crossover comics that have ever been created and is something that every comic book enthusiast should take a look at, even if at least once.

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