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10 unconventional ways to instantly improve your life


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I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all learned little tricks of the trade for getting through this thing called life. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve begun making a mental list of the things that just seem to make life easier. So from cocktails to coping mechanisms, we’ve decided to put pen to paper our top ten unconventional methods to instantly improve your life.
Instantly improve your life by following our ten methods:

1. Boundaries. Boundaries. Boundaries.

We’ve all learned the hard way that some people want to take and take and take, but hardly ever give. What’s important to remember is that putting up boundaries in toxic relationships (of any kind) isn’t a weak move, it’s strong. Being able to cultivate the art of setting boundaries from other people can work wonders on your mental health.

2. Stop taking everything so personally.

Here’s the deal: women are sensitive creatures by nature. We feel a great need to be the peacemakers, the brave ones, the capable ones. But taking every little thing people do or say to heart is slowly killing our spirits and, quite frankly, our motivation. We have to be willing to take some things lightly and remember that people don’t do things because of you, they do things because of them. Remembering this will instantly improve your life.

3. Create a stress-free morning routine.

It’s true what they say—each day is what you make it. And it’s much easier to have a peaceful day if we aren’t rushing the kids off to school while neglecting to take care of our own mindsets. What I’ve learned to do is set an extra 45 minutes to an hour aside each morning to do nothing but enjoy myself. So brew a cup of coffee, melt on the couch before the kids wake up, and scroll through your Pinterest feed. Read the morning paper. Or simply read a book. Whatever you do, just use this time to mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead of you.

4. That being said, plan for a glass of wine to decompress at the end of your day.

I’m a big believer in the saving grace of a glass of wine after a long work day. It’s well-deserved and, well, it will help you sleep better. Plus, didn’t we all hear about that study that suggested a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away? I thought so.

5. Always know where your keys are.

I’m serious. There’s nothing worse than being delayed because you can’t remember where you set the damn keys. Save yourself time and a possible nervous breakdown by having a particular place you set your keys after each outing.

6. Have an outstanding date night planned at least twice a month with your s/o.

Because your relationships matter just as much as getting the laundry done. Having something nice planned with someone important to you is a surefire way to relieve tension throughout your work week and gives you something to look forward to! Never underestimate the power of quality time spent with a loved one.

7. Quit that self-destructing perfectionist behavior.

Stop over analyzing. Obsessing. Judging. Whatever it may be—just stop being so hard on yourself or on others. Take it all lightly. Nothing is in control, and that’s the good news!

8. Call your best friend.

With the busyness of our lives and our friends’ lives, it’s sometimes hard to reach out when you haven’t been in constant contact with your soul sister. But what’s amazing about those friendships is the ability to pick up right where you left off when you need them the most. So don’t hesitate to make a quick call on your lunch break, laugh a little, and remind each other that you’re in this life together.

9. Sweat it out.

Whether you like to run, hike, walk, box, squat or dance—make time in your week to sweat out all the toxins that have built up throughout the last couple days. Of course we know it’s just good for cardiovascular health in general, but being able to sweat it out shows you how much your body can do and is capable of! It often helps to picture yourself sweating out all of the negativity, and breathing in clarity and acceptance of yourself. Who ever said that exercising couldn’t also double as meditation?

10. Add a Magnesium supplement to your daily vitamin intake.

By simply taking a magnesium supplement each morning with your breakfast, you’ll quickly start noticing an increase in energy, calmed nerves and anxiety, and muscle relief throughout your day. This vitamin can even help aid digestion, heart health, help prevent headaches and even steer off migraines. Um, yes please.

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