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11 Signs You Were Meant To Be Wealthy (Even Though You're Broke)

Man pulling out the inside of his pockets showing they are empty
schuldnerhilfe / Pixabay

Are you living a middle class lifestyle when you were clearly meant to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth? Do you feel that the cosmos cheated you out of your wealthy lifestyle? You might be right. Here are some telltale signs that you were meant to be wealthy.

You would never dream of buying wine in a box

You only buy wine with a cork in it. (Or a screw top, if it’s on sale.) You are a discriminating wine connoisseur, after all.

All your credit cards are maxed out

Which just proves that you don’t have enough money to buy all the stuff you need. You definitely were meant to be wealthy!

Tiaras look really good on you

One time, when you were browsing inside Jared’s looking at engagement rings (a girl can look, can’t she?), the sales lady said that you have the ideal coloring for that gorgeous rare pink diamond tiara. And then she helped you look at it in the case. There’s no way she would fib about that, obviously. Or about not having the key to the case.

You look freaking amazing in a Mercedes

That one time you drove that rented Benz to go to your class reunion, people were totally gawking. And it wasn’t because of your wardrobe malfunction, either!

You know all about designer clothing

Seriously, some people think they know about designer clothing, but you really know your way around Rodeo Drive. (Just on Google Earth, but still.)

You think jobs are passé

You can’t imagine working for a living and having to go to work everyday. (You just do it for now until your wealth rolls in. It’s not like a real job or anything.)

You’ve memorized the locations of all the full-service gas stations

You are totally ready to pay premium gas prices for your future luxury automobile.

You are a creative inventor

In bed at night, you come up with amazing ideas for inventions. It’s obviously only a matter of time before you do something about one of them.

You don’t think twice about supersizing

You spare no expense when it comes to enjoying culinary delights. Obviously, you have a finely tuned palette.

You were born to have servants

When people visit your apartment they always comment that you need a maid.

You can totally relate to Lady Mary

It’s like you and Lady Mary are one person. Honestly, how does she put up with Lady Edith? Golly. What a nuisance.
If these things describe you, then you deserve all kinds of sympathy for losing out on being wealthy in this life. Take heart. If reincarnation is true, you’ll get another chance in your next life. But maybe you’d better get used to being not wealthy, just in case. Karma and all that.

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