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21 Times Bullies Got What They Deserved

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Image: Nomad_Soul/shutterstock

Nobody likes a bully, except for maybe Donald Trump supporters. Everyone else, though, loves nothing more than seeing a bully get his or her comeuppance; it’s even better when they KTFO. So here are 22 times bullies got #stoleon, and hopefully, learned their lessons.

First up we have a kid beating up a blind kid. That’s right. A kid who literally cannot see who is punching him. What happens next is the most deserved knock out punch I have ever seen.


One of the cleanest examples of a bully getting #stoleon. This guy is trying to fight everyone on the street. Keep an eye on the guy in the gray shirt with the Transformers print on it.

Here’s a classic of the genre: The Fat Kid getting picked on who has had enough. 


Dude in purple thinks he has the high ground. Or should I say he thought.


Good advice: When a guy is trying walk away, and deescalate a situation, LET HIM. Otherwise you will get #stoleon

More advice? When the little guy takes off his pants, leave.

Seriously, when a quiet guy is trying to walk away, and he warns you to walk away: Walk away.

This teacher is very slow to intervene. But the bully gets his.

Little dude vs big dude. Timber.


3 on 1. Fair fight.


Another big dude who should take the advice and walk away.


Beer pong is fun. We all love it. But don’t fight the little guy.


No sound on this one, but the big dude is clearly warned that nobody wants to fight. But he keeps coming, and gets KTFO.


The guy in the door stays calm. He shows so much patience. Learn when to walk away, folks.

I like how the big guy takes off his shirt and tries to get all muscley on him. Right before he gets DROPPED.


The little guy in the backpack is just minding his own business. Wants to keep walking along on his way. Dude should have let hime.


Leave the little guy alone. Just stay out of his face.

An old guy. Staying calm. Bigger, younger dude won’t go away. Guess what happens to him? Bonus for his buddy getting KTFO as well.

Here’s a guy just looking for a fight. But nobody will fight him. Until someone drops him.


If we’ve learned anything, it’s when a smaller guy says, “I don’t want to fight you, bro,” we should listen.


Here is former Misfits and Samhain singer Glenn Danzig getting KTFO back stage at a concert. Maybe he’s not a bully per se, but he’s definitely trying to Big Time this guy, and gets his comeuppance.


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