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5 Perfect fitness gift ideas for the health nut in your life

It’s always great when a loved one is into their fitness. Not just because you can be assured they’re taking care of their health, but because it presents an almost endless list of opportunities for gifts they’ll really appreciate. With the holiday season upon us once again, here are 5 perfect fitness gift ideas to help them kick ass in the new year and beyond:

1. Foam Roller

For anyone who likes to exercise and DOESN’T own a foam roller yet, that needs to change. Right now. Rollers have multiple benefits and are a go-to recovery tool for all kinds of fitness professionals, from physiotherapists to athletes. They can help you recover from workouts and injuries, relieve muscle and joint pain, and even improve your balance and flexibility. This one from TriggerPoint (the original, and still the best) is just $45, but the value your loved one will get from it is priceless.

2. Wordlock

A Wordlock is simply a combination lock that uses letters instead of numbers. Why? Because words are much easier to remember. OK, so it’s not exactly difficult to recall a 3-4 digit combination, but only when you’re using that combination regularly. For someone who doesn’t visit public facilities that often (e.g. they prefer to work out at home and only use the gym when they travel), a wordlock could save them a headache.

3. Earmuff Headphones

These unisex bluetooth ear warmers from 180s are genius, especially this time of year. They work for both music and calls, are fully adjustable to fit any size head, and there’s no wires to get in the way while you work out. Of course, you could always just wear regular earmuffs over headphones. But this can be awkward, and you can end up shoving buds further into your ears (ouch). The 180s are a simple solution that just works.

4. Organic Muscle Rub

Anything that can help ease recovery after exercise will be a hit with your loved ones. This muscle rub from Moon Valley Organics does just that — just throw it in the gym bag and apply after workouts. It’s a compound of all-natural ingredients, including ginger to warm up muscles, stimulate circulation and calm sore nerves. There’s also a healing herb called Wolf’s Bane, which is a known analgesic and anti-inflammatory. If you have to choose just one of the fitness gift ideas on this list, make it this one.

5. Sports Bottle Blender

Another incredibly useful and time-saving idea, this blender by Oster is a portable smoothie-maker and sports bottle all in one. The idea is to save you a couple of steps by blending your morning smoothie or health shake right into the bottle so you can just pop on the lid and get going. It’s a pretty funky looking gadget, and the surprisingly powerful motor is well able to handle ice and frozen fruits. Perfect for those who need to get out the door as quickly as possible in the morning.

Q: Got any fitness gift ideas of your own? Share them with us in the comments below.

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