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5 Things Car Dealers Don’t Want You to Know

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When it comes to buying a new car, it pays to be prepared. You don’t want to just go to one car dealer, take everything he says as the truth, and pay whatever price he’s asking for. There’s always a few secrets to the trade, and a car salesman is no different. Check out five things car dealers don’t want you to know, and how you can use them to your advantage!

Knowledge is Power

It pays to be knowledgeable about what you want! Don’t show up to the lot with no idea what you want. Shop around online before you go to actually look at cars. Figure out if you’re loyal to a brand, such as a Ford, or whether you’re willing to take whatever’s best. Learn what kind of car you want, what you can live with, and what you absolutely must have before explaining what you want to the car salesman. The more you know about what you want, the less the salesman can convince you to trade up to a higher price tag.

Compare Everything

There’s thousands of ways to compare. Visit various car lots, be open about your shopping around. Use car rating apps on your smart phone, visit car review sites, and shop online. If you can find a better deal elsewhere, you may be able to use that to your advantage for a car salesman desperate to sell.

Trust Yourself and Your Mechanic

If you’re looking at used cars, and you aren’t much of a mechanic, bring one with you. Bring a friend, or your mechanic if you can. Take a car to your mechanic for a review, to see whether the salesman is hiding something from you. Be wary of lemons! If anything, bring a friend who’s good at pretending, and let the salesman sweat it out a little as you scrutinize.

Don’t Trust Salesmen

Salesmen are there to make a commission. The higher the price tag, the more they walk away with. They’re always going to try and get you to buy the fancier car, the newer car, or the car with all the extras. Know what you want, and be honest with yourself. Do you really need that sunroof? Are you willing to spend a couple extra thousand to get the newer model if it’s not too different from the older year? Listen to yourself, not the salesmen. They will use whatever tactics they can, such as guilt trip you, or give you a sob story about how they need the money.

Salesmen Cannot Promise

Always remember that. The salesman is the low one on the totem pole in a dealership. They can’t promise you a lower price, a full tank of gas, new tires, or whatever else they’re “promising” to throw in. They’ve always got to turn back to their supervisors, to their managers. If you’re wanting to bargain for a lower price or extra additions, you’ll want to speak to the finance or sales manager, who can actually make promises.

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