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6 Awesome Ways to Spoil your Cat

white kitten in grass
By: Jakub Vacek

Celebrity cat owners such as Ellen Degeneres, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have made cat ownership trendy, and research shows that cats do more for their owners than influence celebrity style.
A recent study from the makers of ARM & HAMMER Cat Litter found that 95 percent of cat owners believe their feline friends lighten their mood, while 74 percent say they’d rather be at home with their cat than get a massage. In addition, 79 percent of cat owners say they treat their cat like people, or even their children.
Given the importance of cats in owners’ lives, pampering them in return seems only fair. Here are six purrfect ways to spoil your feline friends.

  1. Give treats a homemade touch. Don’t just settle for store-bought cat treats. Create your own. Recipes that include cheese, chicken, biscuits and more can be found online. Each gives you the chance to provide your pet with a one-of-a-kind taste sensation and the relief that they’re enjoying wholesome ingredients.
  2. A little massage. When spending time with your cat, show them affection with a relaxing massage. Start with long, gentle strokes, applying weight at about five grams per pound of your cat – this is a very light touch. Keep one hand on your cat constantly while the other massages the legs, tail and spine, going in the direction of the fur.
  3. * Upgrade the litter box options. Improve and replace your cat’s old litter with ARM & HAMMER Clump & Seal Lightweight Cat Litter. This litter’s unique technology forms a tight seal around odor and destroys it. Clump & Seal Cat Litter is also 50 percent lighter than regular litter and 100 percent dust-free, making a more pleasant litter box area for everyone.
  4. Offer real outside time. Allowing your cats to spend long periods of time outside is not advised and isn’t good for your cat’s health, but in the right moments, brief periods of outside time can be beneficial. If you have a well-closed-off area on your property, consider letting your cat out for a supervised visit. The new sensations will pique their curiosity, and grass, should they choose to eat it, can actually aide their digestion and help them process hairballs.
  5. Encourage multiple “playtimes” each day. Cat Behaviorist and ARM & HAMMER spokesperson Mieshelle Nagelschneider says that playtime or “hunting” is essential for your cat’s happiness as both their mind and body need stimulation. Interactive toys that you maneuver for your cat (like wand toys), toys your cat can play with on their own, and food puzzles can help reduce stress and keep your cat physically and mentally healthy. She recommends multiple playtimes each day.
  6. Satisfy your cat’s natural instincts. Nagelschneider also suggests when cats are playing, they are actually going through a “hunting” prey-sequence. They eye their target, then stalk and chase, and finally pounce and grab. Cats enjoy performing this repeatedly during a single playtime and giving your cat food or a small treat after each prey-sequence is a great way to satisfy their natural hunting instinct.

Ensuring proper care and treatment for your cat is essential to both your and your cat’s happiness. For more tips on taking care of your cat, visit

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