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6 questions to unlock your true purpose in life

paultarasenko / Shutterstock
paultarasenko / Shutterstock

Are you at that point where you’re wondering what your life is all about? Up until now, maybe you’ve just let life go by, spending it on the little things that seem to take up so much time. But when you slow down and start to wonder what’s it all for, you might find the answer elusive. Figuring out your true purpose isn’t always easy. If you ask the right questions, though, the doorway to your life’s meaning will be unlocked.

What Would You Do For Free?

In a recent interview, Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki reiterates one of his truisms
from his book. When trying to decide on a career, ask yourself, what would you do for free? Answering this will give you insight into where your true passions lie. And remember, your true purpose isn’t necessarily some certain job. It can be a vocation, such as full-time motherhood or missionary work.

What Do You Miss Most?

Almost everyone has lost something along the way. Maybe it was a beloved childhood teddy, a cherished pet, an heirloom ring, a box of love letters or even a family member. Ask yourself what in your life do you miss the most? Where is that vacant hole? When you contemplate what you feel is most lacking, you will get an idea of what it would take to fill that vacancy and make you whole again.

When Do You Feel the Happiest?

Is it when you’re alone with your thoughts at the end of the day? When you’re watching your baby nephew playing on the floor? When you’re next to your boyfriend at the baseball game? When you understand what makes you truly happy, you’ll be able to figure out what to do to get more feelings like that.

What’s Important to You?

What are the causes that you feel are worth the time and effort to move them forward? Is it the upcoming political election? Making sure a stop sign is installed at that dangerous intersection in town? Supporting the local battered women’s shelter? Giving homeless animals a place to live? Your true purpose might involve joining others who are working for an important cause.

What Things Have You No Patience For?

There are surely some things that really set you off – that you have no patience for. Maybe it’s the long hours that people waste watching football on the weekend. Maybe you can’t bear spending time making things by hand when you can just buy them at the store. Or maybe you can’t tolerate standing in the kitchen making supper every night. It’s important to realize that it’s perfectly okay—and normal—not to like some things. Knowing what you dislike is just as important for unlocking your true purpose as knowing what you do like.

What are You Naturally Good At?

We all have natural talents, yet some people don’t tap into them. For instance, are you a good mediator? Are you a resourceful person who can get things done? Can you organize a large group of people? Do you have a magnetic personality? Are you great with animals? What things do you seem to have a knack for? Your true life’s purpose will be something that you are already well able to handle, based on your natural abilities.
When searching for the answer to your true life’s purpose, realize that you do have one. You’re just like everyone else in that regard. We have something unique and beautiful to share with the rest of the world. When you figure out what yours is, you’ll be able to feel the truth of it in every inch of your body and mind.

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