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6 Severely Underrated Cars

A pitch-perfect marketing campaign is what every car needs to make it the most enviable and possibly, a best seller. But, for some reason, many campaigns fail to come up with a message that can invoke more than just the interest of potential buyers. As a result, what would have been the car of the year or decade ends up becoming no one’s favorite. Though a number of outstanding cars have fallen victim to this trend, the top 6 most severely underrated cars include:


2014 VOLVO XC60
Image: Car and Driver

Some of the most exemplary features of the Volvo XC60 include an 8 speed gearbox, a pedestrian detection safety system, city stop function which brakes so as to prevent low speed accidents, a 2.0 liter 240 hp eco-boost engine and most importantly, an affordable price. This makes it far better option than any of its European rivals. One of the reasons why it’s underrated is; most of these aspects are never communicated in its marketing and PR campaigns.

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