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Australian gangster Omar Chaouk shoots himself in the nuts


As we are all still rubbing our temples in light of Monday’s First Presidential Debate, it seems fairly inappropriate to nominate anyone other than Mr. Trump and his band of assholes for D-bag of the Week. BUT, in all honesty, nominating Trickle Down Trump seems a bit too easy and I feel like challenging myself today. So fear not (or maybe you should), because it turns out there are still quite a few other douchebags out there worthy of this dishonor.

This nominee comes from a reader and rosé enthusiast in New York, and it’s amazing.

Back in 2015, 25 year old Omar Chaouk reached into his pocket to retrieve a cigarette, accidentally shooting himself in the groin with the gun he had tucked in there.

On Tuesday he pleaded guilty to being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm. And as if that wasn’t enough, he also pleaded guilty to a Grand Theft Auto charge from January 2015, where he violently flailed a .22 silver handgun at the car’s owner, claiming he was on the run from a mob of Serbian gangsters. Right…

It was only a week later on March 17th that Chaouk accidentally shot himself with the same .22 handgun outside his friend’s house in Caroline Springs.

“He pulled down his pants to check the wound,” said prosecutor Catherine Parkes. “He asked her if he was going to die and started crying.”

After being transported to the hospital by a lady friend, doctors were able to dislodge the five-millimeter bullet and discharge him the next day, where police were waiting for him with open arms.

Chaouk’s defense is claiming intellectual disability, which could reduce the overall charge of the offense.

A little background on Chaouk: He is the youngest in a family that has a very long record of violence and run-ins with the law. Macchour, Chaouk’s father, had similar outlandish violence offenses throughout his life and was gunned down outside the family’s home in Brooklyn in 2010. You know what they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree (does anyone still say that? No?).

So put a dollar in the Douchebag Jar, Mr. Chaouk, because this reeks of bullshit.

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