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Basic Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Underneath a car's hood
By: Richard Nacmias

Just like the human body, vehicles also need constant upkeep. This is also in order to ensure that you get the most out of such an expensive investment. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t realize how crucial it is to have their vehicles serviced every 5,000-10,000 kilometers.

There are several steps one can take to ensure that common car issues are addressed during regular car servicing. The things that an average car owner can do to his automobile can mean big savings down the line.

Check and Change the Oil

When it comes to your car’s oil, it is advisable that you have it checked every 4 times you fill up your automobile. You can check it yourself by popping the bonnet and using the dipstick to estimate the fluid level. Before you submerge again the graduated rod into the oil tank, don’t forget to wipe it clean with a dry cloth. When checking the fluid level, make sure that the oil reaches the marker.

If the oil level is low, you need to refill it right away. Experts strongly urge car owners to check their oil level while they are filling up. Also, don’t forget to refer to your vehicle’s manual to see how often your oil needs to be changed. If you are quite unsure, the rule of thumb is that oil change is required every 6 months. You can do it yourself or you can also go to a auto repair shop and have the professionals do it for you.

Check the Water

Another important thing that you need to check while you’ve got the bonnet open for the oil is your water level. The right water level is very important as your car’s radiator uses water to cool your engine and keep it running properly. Overheating can cause your vehicle to break down which can lead to more serious issues. If you are able to determine how high the water level is, you should then decide whether it needs topping up.

Check the Tire Pressure

Making sure that your vehicle has the right tire pressure is very important in ensuring the smooth running of your automobile. To ensure that you have the right information, check your driver manual for the correct pressure ratio that your tires should have. Always remember that the recommended tire pressure may change depending on the weight of your load or cargo. This is the main reason why you need to have your vehicle as well as the tires checked regularly.

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