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Celebrity Concierge: The Ultimate Personal Assistant Position

Woman on Private Jet
by Sam Churchill

We are in a new Gilded Age of America. The depth and breadth of vast fortunes is staggering. A new breed of personal assistants is emerging to help manage the lifestyles of the rich and famous: the personal concierge, aka the “Lifestyle Manager”. If you are or have been a secretary, personal assistant, office manager, or administrative assistant, then you probably already possess the skills you need to work for the ultra rich.
Don’t worry if you’ve never worked in a similar position because having related experience is also beneficial. If you have worked in the service industry, like hospitality or retail management then you are on the right track.
The most important ingredient for success in the position is a desire to please your boss. The traveling personal assistant usually has to work very long hours and travel on a moment’s notice. The pressure can be great because of all the special assignments. But the pros usually outweigh the cons. The pay can be upwards of $150,000 a year because the super rich need you to be there for them, up to 80 hours or more a week.
There is no rhyme or reason to why millionaires, billionaires, and celebrities choose the personal assistants they do. Above and beyond being able to hack the duties, employers just look for the “something” that makes them feel at ease.
Just think of all the opportunities for applications. There are over 1000 billionaires in the United States alone. Additionally, the Forbes riches people lists are perfect for targeting resumes to high profile and high net worth families throughout America.
Personal assistants that work for the rich get to travel on private jets, go to exotic locations, and generally get all the benefits of being wealthy without all the headache – relatively speaking. If you think you have what it takes to be a Celebrity Concierge, look no further than the celebrity staffing services of The Celebrity Personal Assistant Network, located online at
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