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Using Clenbuterol Before And After – Effects of This Fat Loss Aid

Clenbuterol is today one of the most preferred fat loss aid in the entire world. Driven by the need to look good, people have started to use clenbuterol, among other supplements to achieve their fitness goals. Reading about the before and after effects it has on the body, many are driven to use this supplement as a weight loss aid.

The whole thing is understandable. We live in one of the laziest societies that have ever existed. At the same time, another problem has started to emerge in society; the emergence of fast food; junk food. Unlike our ancestors who used to eat healthy food much of their lives, out diets are largely unhealthy and even dangerous. Then again, even normal food has become an enemy in many ways, since all that it takes to become fat is an excess of calories in the system; and the human body could care less whether these calories are being derived from healthy or unhealthy sources.

This surplus energy sustained over a long period of time is the cause of the obesity epidemic. All hope is not lost though…

While much of the world has been busy gaining pounds on one end, it has also started to become more health conscious on the other. Coming to fat loss, there is no shortcut way of achieving it. On the contrary, it requires a great deal of work, be it in terms of dieting, exercise, rest, etc.

While most people have been trying to lose weigh the natural way, which is to say through diet and exercise, others are trying every single ‘hack’ they can to get the results they want. This includes, among other things; supplements, steroids, and even cosmetic surgery. It is here that the drug called ‘clenbuterol’ comes into the picture.

Clenbuterol has been a favorite among the more serious fitness enthusiasts as a way to boost the metabolism and burn body fat. Clenbuterol and the before and after effects of using it have routinely made people consider its use. To begin with, let’s take a look at the drug and what it does…


Clenbuterol is a Beta-agonist popular among fitness enthusiasts, particularly bodybuilders, for the purpose of burning fat. In the field of bodybuilding, the drug is used for ‘cutting’ cycles, where the body’s excess fat deposits are eliminated to reveal the true muscle shape and size. For those who are not into bodybuilding, the drug is used as a general aid to promote accelerated fat loss, in addition to their current exercise and diet regimen.

It is interesting to note that the first use of the drug was not on humans. On the contrary, it was used by veterinarians to treat animals for breathing disorders such as reversible bronchospasm, since it acts as a bronchodialator. Even today, the mainstream use for clenbuterol is largely limited to animals.

In other words, the drug has not been approved for human use. In addition to this, it has also been banned by almost every major sporting organization in the world.


Clenbuterol is said to work in a few ways: the two most important being its effect on the lungs and its thermogenic effect.

With regard to the drug’s first quality, clenbuterol has a ‘dilating’ effect on the lungs. In other words, it relaxes the lungs and allows more airflow than usual. This allows for better performance when working out, running, jogging, etc.

Coming to the second function, the drug is said to act as a ‘thermogenic’ when consumed, which in turn helps in the acceleration of the body’s metabolism. In simple terms, the word ‘thermogenic’ refers to the ability of the drug to raise the body’s temperature. With a rise in the body’s temperature, the drug allows for a greater number of calories to be burnt over an extended period of time when compared to what would be the case if one were to work out naturally.


Clenbuterol and the before and after results it produces, has attracted bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts for a very long time. This is more than enough evidence one needs to understand that the drug works.

With regard to the amount of fat lost during a cutting cycle, it is actually difficult to say. Since everyone reacts differently and because they all have different kinds of training programs, it is rather hard to say what is possible with clenbuterol. However, what has been observed is that the amount of fat lost during a cutting phase using clenbuterol is a lot more than one without it. Also, it should be observed that clenbuterol is but an aid for achieving fitness goals and not a magic pill.

To sum up, clenbuterol is a great aid to reach weight-loss goals.

At the same time, one should also keep in mind that in addition to taking it, everything else should be in order – be it the diet, exercise regimen, sleep hours, and everything in between.



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