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CrossFit Jokes

The first fun rule about CrossFit jokes is actually getting to post funny opinions about it on social media and tell everyone to share it with others. CrossFit has definitely taken the internet by storm. If somehow you are wondering what CrossFit is, then to be brief – it is a fitness program which focuses on functional movements. These movements reflect the best aspects of activities such as rowing, gymnastics, weight lifting, etc. It is an organized form of intense workout.

Generally, most people who are into CrossFit take it very seriously. It is more like a brotherhood to them and for us normal people it gives us a chance to target them through CrossFit jokes. The internet hardly spare any popular trend so lets take all CrossFitters down by humor.

  • When you take CrossFit very seriously

CrossFit is a serious business. It is an intense form of a workout. It challenges the body, making it stronger. It is not a regular gym where a person can follow same monotonous routine day after day. Each sunrise brings a different challenge. If you are a beginner be prepared to see your body decorated with bruises. Like it is said:

  • On the scale of one to ten bruises acquired after CrossFit, how much do you regret your first crush?
  • The biggest achievement of a CrossFitter? Successfully completed WOD without ending up in the emergency room of the hospital.

CrossFitters logic be like:

  • Gym is too basic; let’s throw $300 to work out in a box.
  • Spend $300 to join a CrossFit program which looks like a warehouse.
  • Every day is a new challenge. Well actually different ways to bruise your body.
  • No WOD is complete if you don’t post it to your social media.
  • Can’t do better pull-ups? Welcome to CrossFit
  • Oh! Was it a WOD involving pull-ups? Because none were actually performed.

CrossFitters swear by their workouts. There are only two people in the world the one who love CrossFit and others who totally hate it.

  • “Your safety is our first priority.” Said no CrossFit trainer ever.
  • CrossFit: “No burden would be put on a person he can’t bear.” Yes we all can have a good laugh at it.
  • “So you are a CrossFitter? Tell me more about how you can brag about it all the time?”
  • “The only argument of a CrossFitter? How basic gym is.
  • What do Aliens and CrossFit have in common? Everyone talks about it without actually seeing it.
  • CrossFitter to do list be like: Survive, Survive, and Survive.
  • “Is CrossFit a fitness program? Because I feel like going to emergency after attending it.”
  • “Correct Form? Nah I do CrossFit.”
  • Man: “Did an intense work out at gym.” CrossFitter: “Yeah, You mean warm-up.”
  • “I do Cross..”. Say that one more time and I will kill you.

All the CrossFit jokes are intended for humor only. Whether you think CrossFit is a key to fitness or it is extra, still it is always good to have a laugh about certain things. Life is too short to be taken seriously. Despite all the jokes on CrossFit, it is one of the best ways to challenge yourself and push your own limits to keep yourself in a healthy form.

  • “What do physical therapists call CrossFit? Job security.”                                  
  • “CrossFit – if there’s a way to kip while making oatmeal, they’ll find it.”                                                                                                                        
  • “What’s the difference between the average bodybuilder and the average CrossFitter?”  4 Years of college

While nobody is perfect in everything, Crossfit provides a unique platform to learn a variety of things and perfect yourself to become a better version of you.  Fitness programs are very important for each and every individual. It keeps body and minds both healthy. It reduces stress and it makes a person adopt better life style.

The idea of the box in CrossFit itself gives a message of competition between you and yourself. It helps a person to explore all the strengths and weaknesses. The idea is to push the body out of its comfort zone. So, concluded that we all admire the unique and effective concept of CrossFit but a little laugh never hurts anybody. Additionally, it must be noted to never make fun of any person to the limits that a person considers quitting a certain task. Crossfit jokes should be made in limits and in a healthy and friendly environment. To be fair to all CrossFitters, lets end this with one last joke.

  • “Too lazy for a CrossFit? Let me post some jokes while eating fries.”

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