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Dress up your office with these desk space essentials

Image: Michelle Patrick/Shutterstock

An office space can be pretty drab without a hint of personalization. If your workspace has a few decorations, it can make all of the difference and even help you be more productive. Here is a list of a few additions that are both useful and decorative that will make your desk a more enjoyable place to work!


Plants can make any space livelier because, well, they are alive! Choose one that will not require a lot of sunlight and won’t grow too big! Some good choices for smaller spaces are lemon balms, philodendrons, or a French staghorn fern. If you have more space, you could go for a spider plant, golden pothos, or a peace lily. All of these are hard to kill and require very little care so just choose one and it will immediately brighten up your work area! Put it in a fun pot to add even more personality to a dull desk.


It doesn’t matter what your have pictures of, whether they are of your family, friends, or anything your love. Just place a few around your desk to cheer yourself up whenever you feel overwhelmed or stressed with work. Put them in either frames or just pin them up and your desk will feel instantly less sterile and more personal.


Good lighting is very important for being productive. If your desk is being showered with fluorescent lights or is not well lit, place a desk lamp in the corner of your area. This way, you will be able to get all your work done with enough light. Working in a well-lit area will help you focus and be more productive, but make sure it is not too bright or it will hurt your eyes.


Being able to find everything you need for work is important for being productive! Buy yourself a paper organizer, some post-its, and filing cabinets to organize everything. Having a clutter-free space will give you enough room to work and will help you focus. The best way to do this is by giving everything a home and putting it back once you are done using it. Ikea and Office Depot are great places to get organized! Try out this letter tray, drawer dividers, or pencil cups.

A good office chair

Good back support and a comfortable place to sit will go a long way in productivity. If you can, switch out whatever chair you have at your desk for a nice one, such as this one or this one! They are a little expensive but think of it as an investment in your health and posture. When choosing one, try to find one that is ergonomic, which tend to be the best for your health. Sitting behind a desk is not great for your body so buying at the very least you could do it in a supportive chair.

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