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Gift ideas for the cold weather runner

Urban athletes lacing sport footwear for running over asphalt under the rain. Two women getting ready for outdoor training and fitness exercising on cold winter weather.
Image: Shutterstock/Dirima

Almost everyone knows a cold weather runner, so it’s very useful to figure out what gift to give them for the holidays. But if you’re not a part of the outdoor community, how do you know what to purchase? Don’t worry. We’ve taken care of the shopping list for you! Read below to find the perfect gift idea for the cold weather runner in your family or friend circle!

Base Layers

Base layers protect a runner’s body at the core by providing an extra layer of protection from the elements.

Base Layer Bottoms

Base layer bottoms, such as running tights, are a crucial wardrobe piece for any cold weather runner. The key to choosing the right pair is to consider the amount of cold protection they’ll need. Whether they live in a frigid or temperate environment, there’s a pair of running tights for everyone.

Men for Cool Weather

Men for Cold Weather

Women for Cool Weather

Women for Cold Weather

Base layer Tops

Base layer tops have never been better. From tried and true Merino wool to highly technical compression pieces, it’s easy to find the perfect top for your favorite runner.




Everybody prefers a different type of running shoe, so consider consulting with your gift recipient before making a purchase. Here are a few common types:





Whether it’s technical jackets or functional gloves, every cold weather runner needs the right outerwear.


Training Pants


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