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Great Pickup Lines That Will Not Fail

Have you ever tried using pickup lines on women that you are interested in? You know that using pickup lines are always going to be tricky. There are some women who will find it funny and talk to you while others would laugh at your face before going away. There are some who will also ignore you completely after you have used the pickup line. It does not matter how many great pickup lines you have chosen, there is still a possibility that it will not be appreciated.

There are several reasons that women give why they usually do not appreciate pickup lines:

  • They think that pickup lines are creepy especially when they are said in a very creepy manner.
  • They can be too forward. For women who are not looking for sex, using a dirty pickup line will make them think that you are a pervert.
  • Pickup lines can be so corny that they are meant to be forgotten.

When you use a pickup line that did not turn out well, you can already expect that it will haunt you. It will make you feel like you do not want to use pickup lines ever again even if there are great pickup lines that you can choose from.

You may choose to stick with classic pickup lines that have been used several times or you can make up your own. The choice will be up to you. Do remember that even if the pickup lines are great, there is no guarantee that they will work on every girl that you meet. You have to master the art of matching the pickup lines with the girl you are going to pickup. If you make a mistake, then you can just try again.

  1. Hi, I’m ______ but I would like it if you call me tonight.

There are moments when the simplest pickup line is the one that will work the most. There are some pickup lines that are just so desperate that they are already funny. You do not want this to happen to you. When you give something simple, you might baffle the girl that you are trying to pickup.

  1. If your eyes could kill, I will be dead by now.

Let us say that the girl you are trying to pick up has looked back at you when you tried to catch her eye. By giving her this pickup line, you are showing her that you find her irresistible. If you think that her eyes are the loveliest part of her body, you can emphasize that with the pickup line that you use.

  1. How much are you charged with on the way here? You have fine written all over you.

You want to tell the girl that she looks amazing with a bit of humor and if she gets the joke then it is good for you. If she doesn’t, either she gives you a time to explain what you have just said or she will brush you off. Once again, choosing the right pickup line on the right girl is of utmost importance.

  1. Can you spare me a few minutes so that I can hit on you?

You want to let her know that you plan on hitting on her and how she reacts will tell you what your chances are to get to know this amazing girl. If she smiles back at you and tells you yes, then it is your lucky day. If she says no, perhaps you can use this pickup line on another girl.

  1. Can I check you out?

This is a very forward pickup line and a girl might think that you are disgusting for using it on her or will find you courageous enough to use it. Either way, you can get close to her and see if she is really as attractive as she is from a short distance.

Do you like the great pickup lines that are mentioned so far? There are still a lot more that you should find out about now.

  1. I think I’d fall for you whether there is gravity or not.
  2. I think I can keep you forever though I’m no hoarder.
  3. You are enough to keep me happy forever.
  4. Do you feel cold? I can be your human blanket.
  5. I have already forgotten my pickup line the moment that you smiled at me.

With all of the great pickup lines that you can try the next time you meet girls, your chances of actually getting to know someone may be higher now than before.

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