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Han Solo Death Scene – We Need to Talk About It

There are a lot of people who have not realized just how much they find Han Solo’s character in Star Wars to be important until the death scene was shown. The Han Solo death scene shocked a lot of people. They felt like if they could rewind the movie and change that scene, they would do it immediately.

There are some people who have not invested emotionally in Star Wars. They just watch it because they know that it is the popular thing to do and yet they are also affected when the Han Solo death scene was shown. Even if they do not care much about the movie, they have already followed the story and they know how important Han Solo is in the story. They cannot help but feel bothered about it all.

The Death Scene

If you think about the death scene, it may not be too different from all the other movies that we have seen before. Only the effects and the items that are used were different. In the movie, Ren removed the black helmet. He tells Han that he is his son and that he will remember the things that Han has told him. Han knows that he loves his son and he had a half-smile on his face before he was stabbed with a lightsaber.

Those who have never seen the movie may think that this is a private portion of the movie wherein only Han and Ren are involved but actually, there are characters nearby who watched the scene unfold. Before the audience can grasp that Han Solo is really dead, there are so many things that are happening all at once. It will be enough to make people think that they have missed a lot of things in the process. Some people felt that they cannot concentrate on the next scenes anymore because of what they have just witnessed. Most people would continue watching the rest of the scenes unfold but will contemplate about what has happened once everything is over.

How the Death Scene Made People Feel

Since there were so many things that happened after the death scene, most people were not able to grasp what has happened. It was dramatized but everything happened so fast that it seemed unreal. It would be similar to experiencing so many things in your life that you cannot concentrate on a single thing until you realize the significance of that thing in your life.

People who have watched the movie felt like they were remembering the first time that they have seen Han Solo. They remember all of the moments wherein he was shown. There are a lot of people who say that Star Wars have changed their lives forever. If you would read some of the things that people have written online, they would say a lot of details about the story and for men, Princess Leia, But you will not see a lot of articles saying details about Han Solo – until his death, that is.

Most people realize after his death just how much they loved him as a part of the franchise. There are so many things that people cannot help but notice about him:

  • He makes sure that he cannot be tied down as he tries to do everything that he can.
  • He is very interested in the Millennium Falcon.
  • He does not pay a lot of attention to his attraction to women because he is just too busy doing different things.

Why did it take Han Solo death scene to make people realize these things? This is because he is one of the main characters of the show and people have assumed that he is always going to be there. This is somewhat similar to the things that we experience in real life. We all wish that the people we love are going to stay with us forever but this is not always the case. There is always a possibility that we would lose someone when we least expected.

What makes the Han Solo death scene striking to a lot of people is because of Harrison Ford, the actor who played the character. Even if he has already aged a lot, he is still very striking. When he is on screen, you feel that he is Han Solo and not Harrison Ford. It seems that when the character died, a lot of people feel like a small part of them has died too.

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