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How to handle job rejection

mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

If you’ve ever tried to get a job, whether that be a part-time summer job or a big-kid full-time job, you’ve probably had to handle job rejection. Although we try our best, we aren’t going to get every job for which we apply. More than that, you’ll find that it’s much more difficult to get an advanced job than to get a job at a pizzeria.
Because the world is full of rejection, it’s easy to feel discouraged when trying to jump-start your career. If you’re applying for multiple jobs, you probably will get multiple rejections. Make sure you’re applying often so these rejections mean less. They may not hurt any less, but they can be softer if you know you have four other applications out in the job market at the same time. When you inevitably do get rejected, don’t panic. Here are some tips on how to handle job rejection.

Be gracious

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The first step when dealing with job rejection is to remain gracious to the people who rejected you. You do not want to be the kind of person who burns bridges, especially when you’re dealing with important people in your field. Take the time to send a real thank you card or a heart-felt phone call and remind the people who rejected you that you’re still a good person. Even though you got rejected this time, they might turn around and choose you for a different job in the future. You never know.

Adapt so it doesn’t happen again

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If you know why you got rejected, use that information to change your next application or interview experience. Sometimes the only way to find a job or get an acceptance is to change something about how you go about the process. Maybe you need to revamp your resume or use more eye contact during the interview. Even if you don’t know for sure why you got rejected, you may want to reevaluate yourself going forward. Changing how you portray yourself could get you that job that you always wanted.

Remember it’s not you, it’s them

mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

As much as it’s your fault you didn’t get the job, it’s also the fault of the people doing the hiring. These people aren’t out to get you, but they are looking for the best person to do a job. You may think you are qualified, and maybe you are, but sometimes the people hiring just have someone better lined up. Don’t spend so much time changing yourself when it’s not your fault you got rejected. Sometimes you did the best you could and that’s still not enough. Just know that it’s the system that’s at fault, and not your awesome resume.

Use it to fuel you

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The best way to handle job rejection is to use it as fuel. Use the rejection to make you excited and ready to find the right job. Look at it this way, because you didn’t get this job, there’s got to be an even better job out there that will fit you better! All you have to do is find it. So quit moping around wishing you got a job and start dreaming about your ideal job that could be right around the corner.

Let it go

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As much as it helps to focus on your job rejection in order to grow and change, it’s also healthy to just let it go. People get “no” as an answer all the time, whether that comes from potential employers or significant others. Stop overthinking that rejection email and drag it to the trash. Rejection is a natural part of life, so it’s best to just put it behind you and move on. Go find that better job or better career, and forget about all the times you got rejected. You are so much better than your job rejection!

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