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Here are the best places to vacation this year on a budget

Beautiful girl with black hair has been snorkeling on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. She feeds the fish under water in clear turquoise water
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Here are the best places to vacation this year on a budget

Even if you’re on a tight budget, it’s worth it to try to take some kind of vacation each year. The following destinations won’t leave a gaping hole in your wallet, and will satisfy that need to get away from your daily routine.

Cruise to the Bahamas

You probably never thought you would be able to afford a trip to the Bahamas, but there are ways to get there that are super inexpensive. All you have to do is get to Florida, and then you’re just a boat ride away from the most luxurious trip imaginable under $500. In May, cruise on Carnival Cruise Line from Jacksonville, Florida to Nassua for a five-day excursion for just $369 per person. You’ll also visit Half Moon Cay, where you can snorkel, ride horses or sun bathe. On a cruise, the journey really IS half the fun! Can’t go in May? There are deals every month, all in the same affordable price range.

Hike the Appalachian Trail

One of the best things about nature is, it’s free. And one of the best things about the Appalachian Trail is that it’s accessible throughout its 2,200 miles between Georgia and Maine. So if you live anywhere along that path, you can probably get to the trail. Though it’s free to hike, you’ll definitely want to bring along some mobile shelter and provisions. If you enjoy camping out, seeing nature up close and sitting around the fire at night, this trip’s going to be a winner. If you bring along your kids, it will definitely be a vacation they will always remember.

Play Cowgirl

Do you remember that old movie called City Slickers with Billie Crystal where he and his friends rode horses and rounded up cattle for a vacation? Well, those places really exist and they are super fun. They are called dude ranches, and they are places where regular folks like us can pretend to be cowgirls for a weekend or so. They are surprisingly affordable, and it’s a great way to get away with you and your boyfriend, spouse, or the whole family. Check out, where you can browse through listings of dude ranches in every state categorized by location, activity and price range.

Rent a HouseBoat on a Lake

Lake Cumberland in Kentucky is 1,255 miles long. That’s plenty of space for you and your boo to laze around on a full-equipped houseboat for a week. For just under $2,000 for the whole week, you can sleep, fish, swim, dive, dine and frolic on this happening tourist destination lake. Most houseboats sleep up to 12, so you can invite the family and share the rental cost. You’ll also have to share the lake with over 4 million other annual visitors, but hey, with over 65,000 water-filled acres to explore, you won’t be bumping elbows with anyone.
Once you start getting creative about how you want to spend your vacation days, you can find options that will fit any budget. It’s worth it to make the effort to get away for a week or ten days. One of these choices is sure to appeal to you and your vacation pals.

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