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How to darken skin for bikini season

darken skin for swimsuit season
As summer approaches, many of us are worried about our bikini bodies. Sometimes we fear that we can’t wear a bikini because we put on too much weight over the winter. (Newsflash: anyone can wear a bikini and rock it!) But another growing fear is that we’re shockingly pale under all our sweaters.
For some women this paleness is more drastic than others, but all of us lose a little color over those dreary winter months spent indoors. As a result, we enter the summer months trying to catch up and get our tan skin back. This leads to a lot of tanning beds and days in the sun. Those things aren’t necessarily bad in moderation (but like, it actually kind of is), but we may get a little carried away in order to have a great bikini body.
In order to save your skin and save your reputation on the beach, we’ve compiled a list of how to darken skin for bikini season – without the danger of harsh UVAs and UVBs.
Emu oil
Natural oils are a great, safe way to darken skin. Emu oil supposedly helps with melanin production in the skin, and the more melanin you have, the darker your skin tone! Even though emu oil won’t dramatically alter your skin tone, you can potentially go up a shade and a half darker than your normal skin tone.
Bronzers and other skin-darkening makeup has been around for a long time, and even though it may not seem like the best option, it can still be helpful! Don’t be afraid to use it if you can’t keep up your summer tan into the winter.
Eat carotenoids
We’ve all heard the saying “You are what you eat,” and it rings true even for skin tone! While you may not actually want to be a carrot, carrots and tomatoes are carotenoids which means they help contribute to a tanner complexion. (They’re also great for protecting against UV rays!) So try altering your diet to include more of these types of foods and you may achieve the darker skin tone you for which you were looking!
Tinted lotion
Similar to the bronzer, a great option is tinted lotion. Many lotions these days can come tinted to give you an added touch of color all over your body. While bronzers work well for your face, tinted lotion can really help out your bikini body as it emerges from beneath sweaters and leggings.
Spend more time outside
I know it’s hard to go outside when it’s cold or rainy, but the more time you go outside during the colder months, the less work you have to do when it’s summer! Not to mention, it’s healthier to spread out your sun exposure. You can still wear sunscreen in the winter and spring, but try going outside whenever you can. Take more walks, go to the park, or even just sit outside and read (within reason).

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