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How to Get Rid Of Moobs

Moobs, or man-boobs as some call it, is a very embarrassing condition that many guys suffer from. It is something which affects their well-being and confidence to a great extent and to mention, the kind of social impact that it has on their lives.

So naturally, one may wonder as to how the problem can be taken care off and how to get rid of moobs? They search and seek out every possible solution with the hopes that they can finally be free of this embarrassing condition in their lives, many of whom are willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of the problem.

To begin with, it would be great to get a good understanding about the problem and what exactly it is. In general, it is the accumulation of fat under the nipples and chest for guys, which creates the ‘appearance’ of the female breasts to some degree or another. It need not be fat tissue at all times however. In many cases, it could even be actual glandular tissue that is the cause of the problem.

Also to note here is that the problem is not really a problem in a health-sense. On the contrary; the issue is more of a cosmetic issue. To put it differently, there aren’t really any health consequences due to this. It is merely a cosmetic issue and nothing more.

So the big question that will ultimately come up is, “How to get rid of moobs?”

The answer to this question is not one but many. There are different reasons that this can happen so the answer to the problem depends on the cause of the issue.

Regardless, given below are some ways in which the issue can be resolved:

1.) Wait it out and let the problem take care of itself

One of the biggest causes of moobs is puberty. Puberty brings about a great deal of changes in the body due to a spike in the level of testosterone. This, in turn, sometimes converts into estrogen, which then leads to the issue of moobs.

The best solution in this case is to simply wait out the puberty phase, after which the problem will even out all by itself. This happens because once a person reaches the adulthood stage, the levels of the various hormones reach an equilibrium and homeostasis.

2.) Lose Some Weight

For the vast majority of moobs cases, the problem can be solved with nothing more than a change in lifestyle.

Too many of us lead sedentary lives where we barely get physical exercise. In addition to this, we also have the issue of having to deal with junk food which we tend to consume on a regular basis.

These factors together when sustained over an extended period of time have given rise to people becoming overweight and eventually obese. By merely changing one’s diet and exercising, it is possible to see drastic changes in the not too distant future.

3.) Correct Homonal Levels

This is something that can be solved only by a doctor. A simple blood test will show whether your hormonal levels are generally stable or downright out of whack. If in case your hormonal levels are currently haywire, you will need to get things under control.

The way that this is achieved is through the process of drugs such as Nolvadex or Tamoxifen. What such drugs do is control or even eliminates estrogen’s negative effects. This however, should be done only under a doctor’s guidance and prescription.

4.) Stop Eating Estrogen-Rich Foods

Estrogen is a naturally occurring compound which occurs in nature in abundance. In plants, the hormone is called ‘phytoestrogen’, which is just another word for ‘plant-estrogen’.

One of the biggest sources of plant-estrogens is soy, which is present almost everywhere. By simply avoiding plant-estrogens, you can avoid unnecessarily consuming this hormone in your daily life.

5.) Go for a Surgery

This is but the last resort that you have left. While it may cost a fortune in some countries, it is considered worth it for a lot of cases since it is permanent. The surgery however, should only be considered after all other options have been exhausted.

As a whole, if you are wondering how to get rid of moobs, the above will give you a rough idea on how to go about with the whole process. There are certainly plenty of other ways that you can use. But the above are by far the most effective of the lot.

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